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New location

on May 7, 2014

The renovation dust is finally settling and many of you have had a visit or two to the new “About Face” location. This week, the gazebo is finally up, so try to arrive a few minutes early and enjoy some fruit or veggie infused water and give yourself a minute! Since entry past the gazebo leads directly into the treatment room, if the door is slightly open, come on it. If it is shut, this means the room is either being prepared for your visit or the treatment before yours is ending. If you haven’t programmed the new location address – please take a minute to do so. The new location is: 1314 Bass Ave, Murfreesboro, TN 37129. As you enter the drive, follow to the end of the driveway as it turns slight right. The entrance is at the back just through the gazebo! For those of you still forgetting and going to the old location, don’t worry – we’ve added an extra 15 minutes to every appointment in May to allow all of us to acclimate.


We hope you are also getting used to the online scheduling via Schedulicity. If you haven’t created a profile there, take a few minutes to do so. If you are registered and your birth month and day are listed, you will be invited to take advantage of one 50% off treatment during your birth month. Of course you can still call or text, but, scheduling the perfect time for you then relies on me getting back to you and it often happens that the slot is already taken. If you have not registered, here’s the link to get that done. https://www.schedulicity.com/Scheduling/?business=AFTLL9

 Schedulicity also sends out emails. It does not (nor do we) share your information with others. Many of you contacted me directly stating you missed the grand opening email special sent in April. Apparently, those you have referred received the special and some of you did not. OOPS. We have discovered that some of you have rather high settings on spam filters. The email should come from this address: Schedulicity <no_reply@schedulicity.com, so add this to your allowed list or email contacts. It may also show up as: thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com. This is the email I used to register for schedulicity. If you add both of these to your allowed list, you should not miss further emails. We do not send out many specials, since our pricing is simplified and already discounted. At About Face you will not be locked into packages or series of services. For all non laser treatments, the regular price is $50. If you have an appointment where the laser is used, you’ll pay $100. I know many of you enjoy it, but it has been so freeing for ME. All treatment modalities (hair, veins, red, brown spots, etc) are on one platform and my OCD tendencies had a hard time leaving something behind because it wasn’t in your “package”. After 15 years of using this laser, I found it to be extremely confining for me – as well as has led to some level of mistrust within the industry. Clients feel nickeled and dimed and treatment providers didn’t really like leaving that one red facial vein because the package purchased didn’t include veins. Liberation! Hallelujah! 

 About Face does not sell product! Of course we have our favorites (see sidebar for product favorites) and we keep up with local consultants that sell products we love. We encourage you to bring all the products you use to your first appointment. We can assure you of this – if you are spending hundreds a month, or even every other month of skin care product – you are spending too much! Our decision to not sell product was tough, but one that was necessary to simplify our business processes and to keep overhead low. 

 Happy Mother’s Day (this weekend!). My favorite gift to give this year has been via the St. Jude gift shop. Log in, select a card or a gift and St. Jude takes care of all the rest – with proceeds benefiting Kids with cancer! win/win. In honor of this special day, About Face is offering for a very limited time, the chance to purchase your next service in advance and we’ll bonus you with a service for your Mom, or a Mom you know that may need a lift! Purchase your next service before Mother’s Day, and receive a gift certificate to give for a FULL service for just $25. (retail value up to $100). Can’t come in? No problem, shoot us an email and we’ll send along an invoice. Once paid, we’ll email you a receipt and a gift certificate to print and give to your Mom, or any Mom! In addition, there are currently 18 Cancer Mom’s in my inner circle (this means they have or had a child with pediatric cancer)…add $15 to your invoice to cover the cost of basic supplies and we will surprise a cancer momma with a free treatment! Last year, we provided over 34 free treatments! 



Mother’s Day on a budget?

  Everyone knows I personally use many many items from my kitchen and/or juicer for my own face! So, if you find yourself on a shoestring budget this year, no problem. Here’s some recipes to treat your favorite Mom! Have a sister/sister friend? Grab them and your Mom if you can and have a great spa girls night. 


Chocolate face mask:

1/2 cup of cocoa powder – extremely high in antioxidant flavonoids (I use Hershey’s Baking Cocoa – the Natural unsweetened kind) 
3 tbsp of heavy cream (generic brand works just fine)
3 tsp rolled oats

Here’s what to do:
Grind or blend the rolled oats so that it is a fine powder. Coffee bean grinder or regular blender works for this.  Mix the cocoa powder, fine rolled oats, and heavy cream together in a bowl until it is a paste that you can use on your face.  Apply the chocolate face mask to your face using your (clean!) fingers. I also like to pre-heat the mask just slightly. Be sure the skin is clean and even exfoliated before applying this mask/paste to dry skin. Leave on for 15 minutes. Pre-heat some damp rolled hand towels by boiling on the stove (and allowing to cool until you can handle them (or if you have a towel warmer, place damp towels in it just before you apply the mask)! So what does this chocolate mask do? Cocoa powder is extremely high in flavonoids, which help protect your skin against UV/sun damage! . The rolled oats will exfoliate her skin and the results are soft, UV protected skin. Take turns applying the mask and spend time making memories (and of course, take photos to share with me!). 

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of the amazing Women reading! 

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