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Graceful negotiation for the signs of aging

Free skin care educational events

on September 10, 2014


 After much planning, About Face is excited to announce that Free skin care educational events are now available. Isn’t that great? Yes, but, what exactly are they?


These events are intended for groups of friends, family, co-workers, church groups or other nonprofit organizations that have a group of people who would like to learn more about skin care do’s and most especially, the don’ts!

During this estimated 90 minute round table discussion, attendees will receive the real story about skincare, including (but never limited to):

Sensitive or reactive skin (Rosacea)


Aging (or signs of aging prevention)

aging skin


Dehydrated skin

dry skin

Hyperpigmented skin

age spots


adult acne

 As well as Essential oils and other non-chemical products for skincare and DIY skincare.

 In addition to the topics listed above, there will also be some time for Questions and Answers (with a recommendation to always send the more complex questions ahead of time, so they are sure to be covered) as well as some basic skin care recommendations.  This is not a sales event. The coordinator of the event would only benefit as an individual by 

 A note about MLM (multi-level marketing) OR commercially sold skin care. I do not endorse nor sell any of these skincare lines, nor will I. Personally, I have never been able to wrap my brain around spending a lot of time selling someone else’s brand. In no way does this mean do I think you should not sell MLM products. If the business model fits you, your family and all other points then it’s right for you. I chose to sell my work and my (over 14) years of training by delivering above average services and making product recommendations that contain the most natural ingredients without costing a small mortgage. In general, I do not believe in “kits” of products where a one size fits all with this problem sort of mentality. It simply does not work, ever. Even if it causes no harm, it is generally very expensive and can not address the real signs of aging on it’s own.  If you’d like to ask me more specifically about a MLM, please schedule a consultation with me. 

 Very often, I get asked about specific products. I have seen some good products out there, and some not so good, and some that are down-right scary.  Inspired by my vision of a culture of care, I’ve created a company powered by principle and integrity of service. Everything I do is in the interest of fostering well-being. I believe skin care is individualized and affordable by all. I believe in seasonal skin care and am trained to identify which product ingredients work for each problem within each individual’s own unique self. 

So what do you have to do to attend an event? Find someone to coordinate a skin care educational event, pick the time, date and location and schedule your class by clicking here. Click “schedule now” and scroll to the bottom of the list where “Educational Event” is listed. If you do not see a time slot available on the scheduler that works, please email or call to get these worked in.  These events are great for girls night out, Mom’s groups – anyone really. Schedule your work space conference room as a thank-you to co-workers or employees – just remember, this is not a sales event and no participant will be asked to purchase anything. If you are a non-profit organization and would like to host a fundraiser, all attendees at your event will be tracked and your organization will receive a quarterly check for $10 for every aesthetic and $20 for every regularly priced laser service they purchase for one year. (I am not allowed to tell each organization who came and what they treatment they received, they will simply receive $10 or $20 for each service bought and tallied to that organization as the referrer. My services are priced simply. All aesthetic services are $50 and all laser services are $100. There are no packages.  


See you soon!

~ Lori

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