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on September 23, 2015

Last week, 11 clients who are on our email list took advantage of a special that was offered to me through a laser company. You see, during our laser delivery drama (one of our lasers was shipped to California for maintenance and returned to us broken), we were invited to train on and perform many BODY CONTOURING/SKIN TIGHTENING treatments using a combination of Laser/Light & RF (Radiofrequency) energy. Refirme is the use of Infrared and bipolar RF to bulk heat skin and attempt to shrink collagen fibers in the skin providing a way to tighten the skin AND sculpt the body. . I know many, many clients who have been waiting for this! With this laser, we are able to tighten and lift in the following areas:
face – jowl, crows feet, lines around the lips
neck / under the chin
arms/ “wings”
thighs – outer thighs/inner thighs
flank – “Love handles”

Note: If you are NOT on the email list, please click here and create a profile on schedulicity. This will ensure you get email specials that are not always posted elsewhere.

How does Refirme work?
Lori is highly trained to utilize this revolutionary technology to stimulate collagen production, tone muscles. This laser uses a combination of Infrared and bipolar RF to bulk heat skin and attempt to shrink collagen fibers in the skin providing a way to tighten the skin AND sculpt the body.

How often do I need to come in?
Once every three to four weeks x 2-3 treatments for optimal results. Maintenance is performed utilizing laser genesis.

How many treatments do I need?
You will see an improvement after each treatment, however, most clients report that they are most satisfied with 2-3 treatments.

Is it painful?
There is no pain or discomfort. It is however, cold. We do use ice/cooling gel as well as the built in cooling of the laser tip (that stays between 4-10% – that’s cold).

Is it safe?
Skin Tightening Technology is safe and effective. There is no recovery or downtime. Immediate results, best improvement when multiple treatments are performed in close intervals.

Can everyone have this treatment?
Yes, all skin types can have this treatment. Lori is specifically and extensively trained in skin of color. If you are pregnant or have a pace-maker, you are not a candidate for this treatment.

How long are the treatments?
Each area treated will take approximately 90 minutes per session.

Areas that can be treated:
Face, neck, Upper Chest, Hands, Upper Arms, Abs, Knees, love handles, neck/chin

Do I still need to exercise?
Umm, Yes. (Like I would say no). Skin tightening is a great boost for collagen for those over age 30, however – this treatment is not a miracle. If you leave and immediately gorge yourself or do anything that stretches the skin, well – you may need re-treatment. Come to the treatment plenty hydrated.

Here are some photos of clients that Lori treated last week. See for yourself the amazing results. All of these photos are taken immediately before and immediately after the first treatment. 

refirme eye

refirme – crows feet

refirme - vertical lip lines

refirme – vertical lip lines

refirme - between the brow -

refirme – between the brow – “11’s”.

refirme - right side of neck

refirme – right side of neck

refirme - left side of neck

refirme – left side of neck

refirme - left side of neck

refirme – left side of neck

refirme neck (viewing left side of the neck)

refirme neck (viewing left side of the neck)

Now for the great news!  This treatment is one that is typically very costly -due to the fact that the “pulses” have to be purchased by the business (we called around Murfreesboro, Smyrna and Nashville to obtain the cost for the 5 spas that locally offer this treatment. Their prices ranged from $800 per “zone” to $1200 per “zone”. Most of them classify a “zone” as – one area on the face, the entire neck, only one side for love handle or above the knee on one leg (that seem a little crazy – who would purchase just one leg?) – another words, their price is really $1600).  Last week, clients were able to purchase any area for just $250! This was below cost – what I was charged for the pulses used is what clients paid, however in some cases – I did go over the pulse count to achieve the greatest results. I did not profit from these first 11 treatments, I passed 100% of the savings on to my clients. Since my original laser has not yet been returned to service (say a prayer for the technician who arrives from California today) – I have negotiated a pre-purchase price per pulse from the vendor. What this means is – they will allow me a one time purchase of “X” amount of pulses that I can bank. Each quarter, they download the number of pulses I have used and charge accordingly. For example, if I pre-purchase 5,000 pulses at a discounted rate and the first quarter I use 6,000 pulses – they will only charge me full price for the 1,000 overage. All of this to say – if you really want this service for yourself or to give as a gift, purchase an area of treatment for just $300! There is no limit to the number you can purchase! Due to the sensitive timing of their offer to me, all purchases must be complete before close of business Friday 9/25/15 and no exceptions can be made. If you do not have an appointment before Friday and would like to purchase, you may email Lori directly at “thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com”, or PM the request via the About Face Facebook page. Keep in mind, that final negotiations have not yet taken place, but we believe that our regular full price per Refirme treatment will be $600.

I have been so pleased with this treatment, that I can’t see most of my clients needing more than 2 Refirme treatments for the face, and no more than 3 on any body area. As always, we can maintain the results of this collagen tightening boosting treatment with the use of laser genesis.  For those of you who are great readers and read this entire blog post – and whom love laser genesis as well – we are offering two additional bonus specials. These specials are as follows.

September Refirme package 1

2 refirme treatments – full retail value of $1200

6 laser genesis treatments – full retail value of $600

6 dermaplane treatments – full retail value of $300

Full retail value of $2100, special offer through 9/25/15 – $1380*

This package is intended for the face and will last clients a full year, although the price paid for the treatments within the package never expire. The order of the treatments would be – refirme twice in a row (approximately 3 weeks apart) and then laser genesis to continue the results and maintain overall tightness and healthy looking skin – free of redness, large pores and fine lines, too!

September Refirme package 2

3 refirme treatments – full retail value of $1800

6 laser genesis treatments – full retail value of $600

6 dermaplane treatments – full retail value of $300

3 tightening body wraps treatments in the same area as Refirme treatment – $300

Full retail value of $2700, special offer through 9/25/15 – $1765

This package is intended for the body and/or body face combination. The follow up treatments of laser genesis and dermaplane would be for the face – and the wraps for the body.

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