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Raise your hand if you’re like most of my clients and do not have an eyelash routine at all? Come on, be honest. (and please, please be honest with your skincare professional, chances are we already know.) If the only thing your eyelashes ever get to hang out with is your mascara, this blog entry is for those of us who simply take our eyelashes for granted.

Maybe you do not intend to take your lashes for granted, you’re just like me and find it an insufferable process to actually find a mascara that works for your tends-to-be-watery eyes? Maybe you’ve heard about lash lengthening Latisse (prescriptive strength) and you’ve seen others with great results, but you simply cant afford it, or you are not quite daring enough to use it if you have light colored eyes, and do not want to turn your blue eyes brown.


After many trials and a few tribulations, we have finally come up with a proprietary blend that has produced noticeable results without side effects nor chemicals. It is very important to note that many scientists have studied hair loss (eyelashes included), and nothing can replace missing and needed valuable nutrients, specifically fat soluble vitamins, b-vitamins, vitamin C and collagen when discussing lashes. It is always encouraged to see your Physician if you are experiencing sudden or drastic hair loss as this could be the way your body is telling you something is going on. Do not ignore these signs. Remember: we treat healthy bodies!

Back to the great news. If you would like to lengthen your lashes (or brows) we are offering a fabulous nighttime serum that is applied just like you would apply mascara – only this is applied at night. We have packed it full of Omega-6 fats, proteins and vitamins that encourage lash growth. We have also included anti-inflammatory oils that not only moisturize the area around the eye but are also anti-wrinkle. In addition, there are no seed (nut) oils included – so even those with peanut allergies can enjoy this fabulous nighttime serum.

To purchase, visit our Etsy shop, or if you are a client of About Face, ask that one be available at your next scheduled treatment.


Ingredients: pure forms of Emu oil, castor oil, Vitamin E and lavender essential oil. Directions for use: apply once a day at night to freshly cleaned skin.

Safety: do not reuse or share with anyone your mascara wand/applicator or bottle. If at any time, you are diagnosed with an infection of your eye, throw away all mascara and eye lash serums and start with new product once your infection has cleared.

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