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What can I expect during my dermaplane appointment?

I’ve compiled a list of my most frequently asked Q&A’s regarding dermaplaning.

dermaplaning photo fixed

What can I expect during my dermaplane appointment?
Dermaplane treatments last about 20-30 minutes. Your face will be cleansed, and a sterile blade will be used to gently exfoliate your skin. This treatment removes the thin, top layer of dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) through a gentle scraping process with a blade designed specifically for this process. This exfoliation process prevents dead skin buildup that can make small facial wrinkles and acne scars appear larger, and often – what gives skin the “ruddy” look.  Dead skin cells are what typically make your skin feel rough.

What can I expect after my dermaplane?
Dermaplaning is non-invasive and has a very low risk of any complications. It clearly is one of the safest skin rejuvenation procedures available – and my favorite process to offer client that are pregnant and/or nursing who require exfoliation/rejuvenation services but whom shouldn’t use chemicals. Some clients will experience some mild redness for an hour or so after dermaplane, but this is temporary. Personally, in the hour or two after I do my own dermaplane, I find myself “stretching” my jaw because my skin feels tight (this is good, right?!) -and the closest thing I can compare the sensation to is that for the first day my skin feels like it has a slight wind burn (with no redness). To the touch it is incredibly soft and hair-free! There is no downtime for this process and many clients have this during their lunch hour and return immediately to work.

When will I see results?
Immediately! However, optimal results require regular maintenance treatments. If your skin has lost it’s look of vitality, how many years did it take for it to get that way? It takes time (approximately 32 days) to regenerate new skin cells, and with each dermaplane process, you are building a better foundation for new healthy skin cells.

dermaplane about face 2

Can I combine my dermaplane with other treatments?
The answer to that is a resounding absolutely – yes! Not only can you combine a dermaplane with a chemical peel, or laser treatments, you should!  By removing the outermost layer of the epidermis, whatever rejuvenating treatment that follows will without a doubt penetrate deeper and have a much more long-lasting effect. All laser genesis treatments are started with dermaplaning. Below is an example of how I use dermaplaning in combination with Laser/IPL treatments for faster more efficient results.

dermaplane about face

Will the “peach fuzz” (or any hair on my face) grow back darker and thicker after a dermaplane?
No. This is a common myth, but the hair on your face is not the same as the hair on your legs or bikini line. It will not be effected in any negative way by dermaplaning. In fact, many clients provide testimony in regards to the reduction in volume of fine vellus hair that grows back after several treatments. Although dermaplaning is not an FDA cleared treatment for the permanent reduction of facial hair (as is laser), many clients would indicate that the reduction of fine vellus hair is an added bonus to this treatment.

Can anyone have dermaplane?

Anyone with general good health can have dermaplane, yes. Dermaplane works on all skin types and colors to produce excellent results, with no skin color change or scarring. Safe for teen acne as well as older adults with thinner/more fragile skin and pregnant women.

Regular use of dermaplane treatments will improve or eliminate superficial skin problems. However, it is not the most effective treatment for problems such as stretch marks, keloids (an overgrowth of scar tissue at the site of a healed skin injury) reducing fine-lined wrinkles, or very deep acne scars. Laser Genesis is far more effective in the treatment of these conditions.

To read a former About Face post about dermaplane, click here.

To schedule an appointment, click here.

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Would you like tight firmer skin with no down time? If so, read on…

Last week, 11 clients who are on our email list took advantage of a special that was offered to me through a laser company. You see, during our laser delivery drama (one of our lasers was shipped to California for maintenance and returned to us broken), we were invited to train on and perform many BODY CONTOURING/SKIN TIGHTENING treatments using a combination of Laser/Light & RF (Radiofrequency) energy. Refirme is the use of Infrared and bipolar RF to bulk heat skin and attempt to shrink collagen fibers in the skin providing a way to tighten the skin AND sculpt the body. . I know many, many clients who have been waiting for this! With this laser, we are able to tighten and lift in the following areas:
face – jowl, crows feet, lines around the lips
neck / under the chin
arms/ “wings”
thighs – outer thighs/inner thighs
flank – “Love handles”

Note: If you are NOT on the email list, please click here and create a profile on schedulicity. This will ensure you get email specials that are not always posted elsewhere.

How does Refirme work?
Lori is highly trained to utilize this revolutionary technology to stimulate collagen production, tone muscles. This laser uses a combination of Infrared and bipolar RF to bulk heat skin and attempt to shrink collagen fibers in the skin providing a way to tighten the skin AND sculpt the body.

How often do I need to come in?
Once every three to four weeks x 2-3 treatments for optimal results. Maintenance is performed utilizing laser genesis.

How many treatments do I need?
You will see an improvement after each treatment, however, most clients report that they are most satisfied with 2-3 treatments.

Is it painful?
There is no pain or discomfort. It is however, cold. We do use ice/cooling gel as well as the built in cooling of the laser tip (that stays between 4-10% – that’s cold).

Is it safe?
Skin Tightening Technology is safe and effective. There is no recovery or downtime. Immediate results, best improvement when multiple treatments are performed in close intervals.

Can everyone have this treatment?
Yes, all skin types can have this treatment. Lori is specifically and extensively trained in skin of color. If you are pregnant or have a pace-maker, you are not a candidate for this treatment.

How long are the treatments?
Each area treated will take approximately 90 minutes per session.

Areas that can be treated:
Face, neck, Upper Chest, Hands, Upper Arms, Abs, Knees, love handles, neck/chin

Do I still need to exercise?
Umm, Yes. (Like I would say no). Skin tightening is a great boost for collagen for those over age 30, however – this treatment is not a miracle. If you leave and immediately gorge yourself or do anything that stretches the skin, well – you may need re-treatment. Come to the treatment plenty hydrated.

Here are some photos of clients that Lori treated last week. See for yourself the amazing results. All of these photos are taken immediately before and immediately after the first treatment. 

refirme eye

refirme – crows feet

refirme - vertical lip lines

refirme – vertical lip lines

refirme - between the brow -

refirme – between the brow – “11’s”.

refirme - right side of neck

refirme – right side of neck

refirme - left side of neck

refirme – left side of neck

refirme - left side of neck

refirme – left side of neck

refirme neck (viewing left side of the neck)

refirme neck (viewing left side of the neck)

Now for the great news!  This treatment is one that is typically very costly -due to the fact that the “pulses” have to be purchased by the business (we called around Murfreesboro, Smyrna and Nashville to obtain the cost for the 5 spas that locally offer this treatment. Their prices ranged from $800 per “zone” to $1200 per “zone”. Most of them classify a “zone” as – one area on the face, the entire neck, only one side for love handle or above the knee on one leg (that seem a little crazy – who would purchase just one leg?) – another words, their price is really $1600).  Last week, clients were able to purchase any area for just $250! This was below cost – what I was charged for the pulses used is what clients paid, however in some cases – I did go over the pulse count to achieve the greatest results. I did not profit from these first 11 treatments, I passed 100% of the savings on to my clients. Since my original laser has not yet been returned to service (say a prayer for the technician who arrives from California today) – I have negotiated a pre-purchase price per pulse from the vendor. What this means is – they will allow me a one time purchase of “X” amount of pulses that I can bank. Each quarter, they download the number of pulses I have used and charge accordingly. For example, if I pre-purchase 5,000 pulses at a discounted rate and the first quarter I use 6,000 pulses – they will only charge me full price for the 1,000 overage. All of this to say – if you really want this service for yourself or to give as a gift, purchase an area of treatment for just $300! There is no limit to the number you can purchase! Due to the sensitive timing of their offer to me, all purchases must be complete before close of business Friday 9/25/15 and no exceptions can be made. If you do not have an appointment before Friday and would like to purchase, you may email Lori directly at “thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com”, or PM the request via the About Face Facebook page. Keep in mind, that final negotiations have not yet taken place, but we believe that our regular full price per Refirme treatment will be $600.

I have been so pleased with this treatment, that I can’t see most of my clients needing more than 2 Refirme treatments for the face, and no more than 3 on any body area. As always, we can maintain the results of this collagen tightening boosting treatment with the use of laser genesis.  For those of you who are great readers and read this entire blog post – and whom love laser genesis as well – we are offering two additional bonus specials. These specials are as follows.

September Refirme package 1

2 refirme treatments – full retail value of $1200

6 laser genesis treatments – full retail value of $600

6 dermaplane treatments – full retail value of $300

Full retail value of $2100, special offer through 9/25/15 – $1380*

This package is intended for the face and will last clients a full year, although the price paid for the treatments within the package never expire. The order of the treatments would be – refirme twice in a row (approximately 3 weeks apart) and then laser genesis to continue the results and maintain overall tightness and healthy looking skin – free of redness, large pores and fine lines, too!

September Refirme package 2

3 refirme treatments – full retail value of $1800

6 laser genesis treatments – full retail value of $600

6 dermaplane treatments – full retail value of $300

3 tightening body wraps treatments in the same area as Refirme treatment – $300

Full retail value of $2700, special offer through 9/25/15 – $1765

This package is intended for the body and/or body face combination. The follow up treatments of laser genesis and dermaplane would be for the face – and the wraps for the body.

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Derma what? Annual one day special!


If you’ve been through an elementary school level health class, you know that your skin’s job is to keep foreign substances out, your internal organs in – and to protect those vital organs from burn. The good news for us is that it does a fabulous job at keeping foreign substances out and that includes any pricey skincare product. Read that line again. Even a pricey skincare product. So what can help your skin better absorb any corrective product? Dermaplane.

First, let’s explore dermaplaning. If you’ve never experienced this service before, it is a very simple physical or mechanical method of exfoliation, which helps to remove dead skin cells and give your face a brighter complexion. I have seen it marketed for “hair removal”, and of coarse – it does remove vellus hairs [the baby-fine hairs on your face] as well as thicker hair, but it is not a permanent hair removal solution. It simply removes those baby-fine hairs because they are in my way! Although a perk, my goal is to provide a deep exfoliation sloughing off dead skin cells and old scarring. This will make your skin feel baby smooth.

Dermaplaning process (45 minutes):

1. The face will be thoroughly cleansed with a gentle cleanser, suitable for all skin types.

2. Any oil (even the good oils that your skin naturally possesses) will be gently wiped off using a sterile alcohol solution.

3. Your face will dry very quickly and the dermaplaning will begin. You will feel a slight scraping sensation, but the skin remains intact (and unbroken) throughout the procedure. If you have a rough patch on your skin, there is a chance of a slight nick [but much like shaving, these heal very quickly, most of the time before the end of the treatment]. Dermaplaning will normally take approximately 30 minutes for a full face and neck.

4. Immediately following dermaplaning a natural organic face mask with vitamin C will be applied to the skin. After approximately 10 mins, the mask is removed with warm towels.

5. A blend of organic oils with spf is then applied to the skin.

Second, let’s discuss absorption. Simply because you purchase a product that costs $60-$180 – does not make that product more easily absorbed by your skin. Remember, the skin is fearfully and wonderfully made to keep foreign substances out. Why would it just let that expensive product in? In short – it won’t. Dermaplaning sort of forces the skin to let it’s guard down a little in a controlled environment. I prefer to allow organic – easily recognizable by the body – products in. It is not different than transdermal medication, right? We’ve seen these medications come a long way since their inception. Now, there are pain medications, birth control and hormones delivered transdermally (through the skin). Often a small patch is placed and the drug is absorbed through the skin. It doesn’t just work on the spot the patch is placed, right? Right! It is absorbed systemically. Therefore, what we put on our skin matters. To recap – we know transdermal works – but for some reason we still aren’t looking at ingredients in these pricey skincare products. Would you eat plastic? Would you eat chemicals similar to those used to make asphalt and pavement? Go check out the ingredients in the items you are putting on your skin every day. Expensive does not mean better.

Tip: When applying any product to the skin, try to remember the temperature of your skin (roughly 98 degrees?). Now, think of the temperature of your skincare product. Most are stored in cool bathrooms, say – 70 degrees? Will a colder product have an easy time absorbing into the skin? Probably not. Since you can’t “heat” product up without destroying some of the useful stuff – make sure you are taking the few minutes it takes to “work” your product in. The heat caused by the slight friction and time alone on the skin will help warm the product u. (Mom’s will kids, I’m thinking of us here!) – We have a habit of throwing our own stuff on quickly to get everyone out the door. Take just a moment to work in your product. Otherwise, just squeeze it directly into the sink.

Although admittedly, I am not into pricey skincare products, I do have new clients every week who explain which product they bought over this or that high-priced-counter and I ask them to bring it with them. I will be glad to complete your full dermaplane service and apply my inexpensive organic product on one side of your face, and your product on the other side. We’ll compare immediate results with long-term results using the same method.

Here it is – the once a year special. If you are already a dermaplane fan, I challenge you to kick it up a notch and try it every two weeks over the summer! Lighter, brighter, flawless skin by Fall! If you are new to dermaplane – this price is guaranteed to be the best time to try it. This flash sale is for today only. You may purchase 3 for yourself and 1 as a gift.

Dermaplane treatment plus full aesthetic service. Today only – $35 each.

Regular price – $50 for dermaplane, or $70 for full aesthetic service hour with dermaplane as an add on.

To take advantage, email your request to thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com.

or text request to 615.796.1915

or PM via facebook

You will then receive an email with an online payable invoice (please include a working email address that you will see today). It must be paid today for the special pricing to apply. If paying after midnight 6/2/14, regular prices will be charged.



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Summer Skin Clubs are back!


It’s hard to believe that summer is here again so quickly. Wehad a pretty strange winter in Tennessee this year – seemed to skip Spring and right into Summer we’ve come.

Last summer our skin clubs were a huge hit and those with a little less hectic schedule during the summer seemed to really like the classes we offered. We’ve put together some great skincare clubs as well as a summer class schedule that you won’t want to miss. Need a babysitter? No problem. We offer babysitting for each class as well. (Pre-registration is required).

A little note about our summer skin clubs. All clubs include 6 treatment sessions that can be used anytime between 1 June – 1 August. Although this is roughly 8 weeks, we realize that most people take a small vacation or two during the summer. By holding them for 8 weeks, it gives participants some flexibility.

Summer Skin Club – Acne be gone $300

This summer skin club includes all the take home product you’ll need to head back to school with clearer healthier skin and 6 customized treatments that will include extractions, deep exfoliation, peels, dermaplane and even laser if needed for oil control or old scars.

What you’ll receive:

6 Aesthetic Services regular price $300

2 Laser Services regular price $200

Take home product: cleanser, toner, exfoliant, treatment gel, and acne spot treatment – regular price – $75

Regular grand total – $575 – Summer Skin Club price – $300, save $275.

Summer Skin Club – Tighten and brighten $500

6 weeks to tighter and brighter skin. Join this club and we’ll have 6 laser treatments, 6 aesthetic services (add on) – dermaplane, extractions and peels if needed. Add to this two take-home products that will help us along the way. Laser treatments will include laser genesis for tightening and even skin tone and texture – and IPL for any brown spots.

6 laser services regular price $600

6 add on aesthetic services -$180

Take home product – $38

Regular grand total – $818 – Summer Skin Club Price – $500, save $318

Summer Skin Club – The body treatment $450

This package will consist of six mix and match laser hair removal, spider vein removal, stretch mark reduction, and cellulite slimming treatments. 6 treatments to get it all in! Take home product includes cellulite slimming wrap solution to be used at home.

Regular grand total – $750 – Summer Skin Club Price – $450, save $300

Email requests for packages to: thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com. Deadline to begin is June 15, 2015.

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12 days of Christmas


I’ve always wondered why the 12 days of Christmas are discussed and executed prior to 12/25, and I guess it’s easy to see it’s about the “selling” of Christmas. I’ve never been able to sort this out in my mind and allow myself to participate until this year.

For those of you wondering – The origin (and counting of the Twelve Days of Christmas) is complicated.  It becomes complicated because of the differences in calendars, church traditions, and ways to observe this holy day in various cultures. In the Western church, Epiphany is usually celebrated as the time the Wise Men or Magi arrived to present gifts to the young Jesus (Matt. 2:1-12). Traditionally there were three Magi, probably from the fact of three gifts, even though the biblical narrative never says how many Magi came.  In some cultures, especially Hispanic and Latin American culture, January 6th is observed as Three Kings Day, or simply the Day of the Kings (Span: la Fiesta de Reyes, el Dia de los Tres Reyes, or el Dia de los Reyes Magos; Dutch: Driekoningendag).  Even though December 25th is celebrated as Christmas in these cultures, January 6th is often the day for giving gifts. In some places it is traditional to give Christmas gifts for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Since Eastern Orthodox traditions use a different religious calendar, they celebrate Christmas on January 7th and observe Epiphany or Theophany on January 19th. See how complicated different calendars can make it?


It is my belief that Christmas begins on the evening of December 25th with the following day considered the First Day of Christmas (December 26th). Therefore, the twelve days of Christmas begin on December 26 and include (and end) on Epiphany -January 6th. So what does this have to do with skin? You are about to find out!

As many of you exchange gifts on 12/25, we’ve put our heads together and come up with a solution of how you can be a part of About Face’s 12 days of Christmas fun celebration! It’s really quite simple, but we’ll give you an example of how it can work.

We are encouraging those who would love a gift of great skin this year to send this post to your Secret Santa’s. Tell them you would love a gift certificate from About Face and provide them with our contact information. We will take care of the gift certificate (available to be loaded to current clients account, and/or printed and gifted). That seems pretty routine, right? But this is where it get’s to be even more fun – and their gift can multiply!

Starting 12/26 – About Face will post the 12 days of Christmas specials that will end on 1/6. We will list the regular retail value, the sale price for that day – AND the even further reduced price for gift certificate recipients for gift cards sold from 12/11-12/13/14.

For example: 12/26 we post a dermagenesis special. (Laser genesis plus dermaplane). Regular retail value $130. 1st days of Christmas sale price – $100. Gift card holders – $50! (*we are not saying this is actually the first day special, this is just an example). We also heard that the one day the special may be a customized body butter every month for a year – delivered to the gift receiver’s door!

We hope you’ll have as much fun as we do celebrating the 12 days of Christmas starting 12/26 and ending 1/6/15! Before you ask, yes – you may buy yourself a gift certificate.

Email requests to: thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com, call or text 615.796.1915. Merry Christmas!

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The secret to successful Fall skin


Fall in New England (Home)

 Just like that, Fall has arrived. Although this summer was mild compared to some in Middle Tennessee, it feels good to put away hot weather clothes and drag out jeans, boots and sweaters. For those of you following my blog and receiving treatments at About Face – this is a good time to remember that I am a big fan of seasonal skin care.

 Towards the end of October, if you are a Retin A user (or want to be), cooler temps mean better skin conditions for use. If you tried it before but your skin reacted with peeling and the “lizard” look, you might be encouraged to try it again in cooler temperatures. If you are sensitive/reactive – try applying Retin A to areas where age shows up most on the face (smile lines, between the brows, and upper forehead or jowls). Remember this product is not for everyone, and should be used in moderation. If you need assistance in determining if you would benefit from Retin A, schedule a consultation or facial and we’ll make a decision together.

 Fall temperatures commonly mean turning on the heating system. With this comes dryer air and – sometimes dry skin. Perhaps you didn’t need a moisturizer all summer long, but now you do. Do not skip moisturizer during this time. I love using grape seed oil (see products page to the right) – and adding a drop or two of Lavender Essential oil to it. This will nourish and moisturize your skin, as well as soften fine lines and give your skin a much smoother appearance. Thanks to our friends at Epicurean Olive Oils, we now have 2 ounce “try it before you buy it” Grapeseed oil bottles, exclusively at About Face (not available in their store). This is also a fantastic size for travel. They are $6.

2014-09-23 17.44.41 (1)

Don’t forget your body! Remember the best way to treat a skin condition is to prevent it. A little extra moisturizer can prevent dry flaking skin for both face and body. Make your own DIY body butter at home, or pick on up at About Face. For $10 you can moisturize all winter long.

DIY Whipped Body Butter

What you’ll need:
 Shea butter
Coconut Oil
Jojoba oil – an ounce or so OR – vitamin E oil for an extra kick
Essential oils of choice (i.e. tea tree oil, lavender, etc.)
 How to:
Mix equal parts of shea butter and coconut oil (you can add jojoba oil here too if you like) in a double boiler.
Allow mixture to melt, remove from heat, and add essential oil if using (we like tea tree and lavender).
Allow to cool completely (about half an hour). Oil mixture will begin to solidify. Once it is partially solidified:
Whip on medium speed for several minutes. Mixture will take on a nice, whipped, buttery texture.
Place in airtight containers and apply at night or after bathing/showering.
Fall will most likely bring seasonal allergies and sinus issues. Now is a great time to have preventative ear candling. Ear candling, also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an aesthetic service to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow beeswax candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. Of course this removes wax build-up, but also removes pollen and clients report that it improves ear trouble, sinus trouble, tmj and snoring. It is listed on the scheduler under aesthetic services. Schedule by clicking here.
 Here is the October special you’ve been waiting for:
Purchase  3 Laser Genesis, 3 Dermaplane treatments and 3 hand rejuvenation (exfoliation, brown spot removal for the hands) and a take home hand cream! This package would retail at $690 of individual services and $18 for hand cream – but is on special this week for $375. Purchase this week – use whenever (services do not expire).
brown spots
Happy Fall
~ Lori
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Naturally lighten and brighten

 One thing’s for sure – we always want what we don’t have. Those with lighter complexions go to great lengths to add color and those with darker pigment have a fear that dark spots will form. Although the “answer” to all of this is never the same for different skin types, the truth is that there just isn’t a need to spend a fortune to improve your skin tone.

The reasons behind dark and/or dull skin can be any one or a combination of:

  • Heredity
  • Exposure to pollution (more environmental)
  • Chronic dry skin
  • A number of medical conditions
  • Stress (raise your hand if you have come to despise that answer?)
  • Poor lifestyle choices. Smokers, this means you. Yes, I can tell. 
  • Overuse or prolonged use of chemical-laden skincare


There is no shortage of products in the market that promises lighter skin. Reduced brown-spots, tighter skin, etc. Although some of them work quite well, it has always been my  opinion that if I myself had a precancerous lesion or something that put me at a higher risk for melanoma, I would definitely use it. Much like I would use an antibiotic. Short term and only as needed. 

The number of clients chronically using harsh chemicals on their skin is alarming. The truth is – long-term use of any product full of chemicals has proven to not only stop being effective, but actually quite harmful. These products thin the skin, cause it to be quite reactive to almost anything and to add insult to injury – they are expensive. 

Is there anything wrong with an occasional chemical exfoliation? Not at all. Are there other options? Absolutely!  For clients who are pregnant, reactive to chemicals or who simply enjoy a more natural approach to skin-care and anti-aging, here are some tried and true DIY strategies:

Honey. Honey helps bleach skin and also adds moisturize. Dry skin is one of the most common factors that contributes to an uneven skin tone. Honey has antibacterial properties that will help fade age spots and acne scars over time.


How to? Apply pure honey to your face, leaving it on for a 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This simple, effective and inexpensive product will help remove dead skin cells and will leave your skin appearing brighter and lighter than before. Just once a day for a week or so, then once a week will do. Want to boost your efforts? Add 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil to the honey before applying. Avoid the eyes and be sure there are no cuts or abrasions on your skin.

Lemons.  Lemons work as a natural bleaching agent for the skin and the high concentration of vitamin C encourages new skin cells to grow. Lemons are packed with antioxidants. 


How to? Dip a cotton ball in freshly squeezed lemon juice and apply it directly on your face. Once you have conducted your own spot tests and know that your skin can handle it –  go for it by rubbing a cut lemon directly over your skin. Leave the lemon juice on for at least an hour and then wash your face with water. This simple step can lighten your complexion or dark spots and can also prevent the development of scars from break-outs.

Aloe Vera. Aloe vera can reduce hyperpigmentation and restore your skin’s original color. Hyperpigmentation is one of the main causes of uneven skin tone no matter how it occurred. It seems everyone reaches for aloe when the skin is burnt, but keep in mind the cooling effect of aloe helps regenerate new healthy skin cells. This is especially helpful in warmer climates.


How to? Cut the outer layer of an aloe vera leaf. Squeeze out the thick, jelly-like substance and apply it to your skin. gel thoroughly on your skin. Leave it on for about 30 minutes, and then wash it off with water. For the best results, do this twice a day for two weeks to start. Then once every 3 days to maintain.

Papaya. Papaya is a fruit that is enzymatic and regularly used in various beauty treatments. Papaya contains natural bleaching properties and the nutrient-rich fruit will make your skin simply glow.


How to? This seems simple enough – but eat it! The general cleansing properties of papaya will cleanse the skin of impurities that could be causing it to form dark spots. If you do not enjoy the taste or need some more urgent results, rub the inner part of the skin of a papaya on your face. Allow it to dry. Then wash your face with cold water and pat it dry. This will give your skin a nice glow. Like to mask? Mash up a papaya and mix it with one cup of fresh lemon juice. Massage it over the face, neck and chest and leave it on for 30 minutes.

Yogurt. No, I’m not talking about the sugar rich artificially flavored kind. Simply plain yogurt. Yogurt is a by-product of milk and has a host of nutrients that are good for your skin.


How to? Rub plain yogurt onto your skin. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Do this once daily for several weeks and you will notice a significant change in your complexion.Again, there really are no wrong answers with the DIY mixing of the above mentioned items. You can mix one tablespoon of fresh yogurt with one-half tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture on your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off with water, etc. 


The truth is – if it’s easy, we enjoy it and we start to see and feel the benefits, we’ll remain compliant. If we hate the texture, smell or process, we’ll most likely quit. Lemon Essential oil is mentioned above, but there are other essential oils that also can lighten and brighten the skin. These are: sandalwood, lavender, jasmine and rose. As with all essential oils, due to their high concentrations, it is best to mix them with a carrier oil (I like grapeseed oil for the face, and coconut oil for the body).

Although it is more unlikely to experience a horrible side effect from a more natural substance, it is still possible. Some medications can cause the skin to be more reactive and anyone can be allergic or sensitive to anything. Before slathering on any new item on the skin, test a spot.


For those who would like a service to enhance results without the use of any chemicals – I highly recommend dermaplaning and IPL for the reduction of browns on the spot!  Dermaplaning will leave your skin super smooth and hair free in addition to removing superficial discoloration. IPL will go to work on reducing brown spots, and scarring. Mention this blog post to purchase a package of 3 of both services (3 dermaplane plus 3 IPL in the same scheduled appointment) for $250. Regular retail value of $450. Services have no expiration date. 


p.s. Recently, clients have asked or commented on the use of grapeseed oil as a cleanser. (See previous posts for all the benefits of grapeseed oil). It seems it has been ingrained in our heads that to be cleaning, a cleanser must be foamy. In addition to previously posted benefits, clients who travel often have reported “break-outs” when away from home. There can be many reasons for this such as, change in climate, air travel, etc  – but one of the enemies of skin both at home and away is tap water. Although tap water can initially make the skin feel “tight” and to shrink pores, the reality is that this is result of the chlorination of most tap water. Although this “purification” is better than none at all it does not remove all bacteria. In fact, Other less-than-ideal findings in tap water: nitrates and other chemicals that seep into the water supply from fertilizers and pesticide runoff,  arsenic (via erosion, orchard runoff, and industrial waste) and even rocket fuel! Prior to the years before I began cleansing my skin with grape seed oil, I used bottled water to avoid the over-drying of my skin (especially with overseas travel). 

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Back to school and some new fitness in town!

It’s hard to believe that it is back to school time already. Around my house that means JROTC has already started up (today my cadet got to stuff bags for teachers as they return tomorrow). Of course it means shopping for school supplies and re-working schedules.

  At About Face Time, it means the end of an extremely successful (& popular!) Summer Skin Camp. As many of you know, we believe in seasonal skin care and as the summer fades away, we hope any signs of too much fun in the sun does as well. All of the Summer Skin Camp participants have asked for the next round of “camps” as they really don’t want this one to end.

back to school

 Since we normally have exciting things and great specials around the holidays, we decided we could sneak another 12 weeks in before that time – so here they are:

Put your best face forward: This package is designed for the student. This 6 week package will include a weekly visit to About Face Time for deep cleansing, extractions, chemical peels, laser if necessary for scarring, skincare 101 tips and more. This package is great for students who would benefit from clearer skin during their first few weeks of school and beyond.  $200 (Savings of $100). 

Fade away 1: This package consists of 3 chemical peels and 3 IPL treatments (for the removal of brown spots). Can be used for any area of the body. $300 (Savings of $150).

Fade away 2: This package combines 3 IPL for any brown spot removal and 3 spider vein removal treatments. $400 (Savings of $200).

Maintain: This package consists of 3 laser genesis treatments and 3 aesthetic services for the face (chemical peel or facial). $300 (Savings of $150).


Uplifted: This package consists of 3 laser genesis treatments for the face, 2 body skin-tightening services for abs, thighs, love handles or knees, 2 dermaplane treatments and 2 spider vein removal treatments. $500  (Savings of $250) – This package also includes 1 bottle of choice Essential Oil & one travel sized grape seed oil (4 ounces). 

* The above special packages must be purchased no later than Friday, August 1st at 4pm to be used between 8/2/31-11/30/14. If you can not stop in to purchase, send us a note and we’ll be glad to email you an invoice that you can pay online. 

pure barre

  Have you heard? There’s a new fitness studio opening in Murfreesboro! Pure Barre, Murfreesboro’s newest fitness center will help clients focus on the areas that we all struggle with the most – Pure Barre lifts the seat, tones the thighs and upper body, and creates long and lean muscles without bulk through small isometric movements centered around a ballet barre. Clients are attracted to Pure Barre because of the results it produces and how it makes them feel- strong, healthy and confident. Pure Barre has exploded in popularity due to its extremely effective technique, which transforms the shape of clients’ bodies in record-breaking time. 

class schedule

Pure Barre Murfreesboro Class schedule – beginning 8/18/14!

  I had a brief introduction to this fitness technique when I was out of town visiting a friend. As a physician, she felt this would be a great choice for me as I have had difficulty with heavy impact, high cardio type fitness since my lengthy hospitalization in 1996. It appears my “compromised” pancreas doesn’t play well with others and reacts to high/heavy impact rather violently. It has been advised for years that yoga and pilates is a better choice for my compromised self. The problem for me was that I thought I’d be bored. I had taken yoga before. My head was all over the place as I was creating lists, wondering about all things possible instead of embracing yoga.  I admit, I was hesitant about Barre too. I spent years in dance class, but never ballet. Tap and Baton for me- because, you guessed it – they were fast! I was only able to take a couple of classes during my visit, but did leave wishing we had one locally. Being clinically trained, I liked their technique. You may not think you’re working hard, but you’ll be lifting and toning parts of you that you forgot existed! I loved that the class was made up of all shapes, sizes and capabilities. Sure, there were others who were far more graceful looking, but it was great fun! I love the fact that in Murfreesboro, everyone will be new to it, so we’ll all be starting together! Keep me accountable, ladies! 

 Essentially, barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training, and the moves are choreographed to motivating music! 

  Pure Barre opens in Murfreesboro on August 18th! They have a great special going on if you purchase before the opening – 6 weeks of unlimited classes for just $100.

barre goals  Since we believe in fitness and in personal goal-setting, of course we’ll sweeten the deal! If you purchase their grand opening package (and bring a copy of your receipt), we’ll pay it forward and give you a complimentary laser treatment! Now, there’s just NO excuse – 6 weeks of unlimited fun fitness & improve your skin? Nothing to lose – including money!

laser facialFor those of you who’d like to try out individual classes, we’re offering the following discounts: 

Show a receipt for one individual Pure Barre Murfreesboro class – receive 20% off any service

Show a receipt for 5 classes and receive a free facial or chemical peel.

I think you’ll like it, and I think you’ll see changes to your body quickly! 

Check them out on facebook by clicking here. 

Read their blog posts filled with great workout tips, nutrition advice and other news and details by clicking here.

  We’ll see you there.


~ Lori

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All you are to me is dead skin anyhow.

Do you have extremely sensitive skin, rosacea, or enough “blonde/white/light” fuzzy hair on your face to be considered a Tennessee peach? If so, you’ll be pretty excited about this not-so-new service being added back on to the list of services at About Face! Clients have asked about this service frequently enough for it to appear regularly in our arsenal of anti-aging secrets.


Because fuzz only belongs on peaches

It’s – Dermaplaning (or dermablading).

Dermaplaning (not to be confused with microdermabrasion) is a non-invasive & no down-time skin care procedure that is used to remove any fine facial hair and is touted as an excellent method for the exfoliation of dead skin cells.  It rejuvenates the outer surface layer of the skin, improving its texture and freshening its appearance.  It removes dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and vibrant! The results are a glowy fresh faced appearance with the temporary disappearance of any unwanted facial hair. 


 Since it is extremely gentle, it is perfect for those with very sensitive skin, inflamed rosacea, pregnant or nursing women and those who are more comfortable with a non-chemical exfoliation approach to skin exfoliation. Immediately following treatment, clients will see noticeable improvement in the texture and appearance of the skin.  Bonus = make-up will go on smoother and products will penetrate the skin better following this treatment. If you love Laser Genesis and want an extra boost, ask to have your skin prepped for laser with Dermaplaning! 

What to expect

 During a Dermaplane session your skin will first be cleansed and ph balanced. After this initial cleansing process a 10% povidone iodine and or acetone will be applied to your face. Povidone iodine is traditionally used to prevent infection and it is perfect for preventing the spreading of bacteria from any recent break-outs on the skin. Once your skin has thoroughly dried, your skin will be pulled taunt as a surgical blade* is feathered across the surface of your skin. This does not hurt and will not cause broken skin (nor any bleeding). 

* After discussing with our Medical Director, we feel it is best to use disposable (one time) use surgical blades. There is a slight cost increase to us, but we feel strongly that in any skincare procedure it is best to use disposable equipment as much as possible. Although we take extra steps to prevent the spread of any germs,  we just do not feel reusable (autoclaved) surgical blades are worth the risk. One clients “good bacteria” is good for their skin, but maybe not for yours! If having this procedure elsewhere, ask your clinician to use disposable blades (you should be able to hear them opening the package and see them dispose of the blade into a sharps container after use).



  We recommend that you have this service once every 4-6 weeks. Regular exfoliation (twice weekly) with at home exfoliator should resume 1 week following this procedure. Dermaplaning will be added to our regular menu of service for $50. It will include all steps outlined above plus any facial extractions that are needed. 60 minute service.

Micro Peel

 Want to step it up a notch? Immediately following your dermaplaning a Glycolic Acid treatment can be applied to your face. This is an ideal treatment for stimulating collagen and restructuring the skin to improve hyperpigmentation (brown spots), fine-line wrinkles, texture, and skin impurity. The micropeel also significantly improves dullness and laxity that occurs during the natural aging process. Dermaplaning + Glycolic peel = Micro Peel. The micro peel service will be added to our regular menu of service for $60. 75 minute service.

mirror woman


 You know how much we love our laser genesis around our treatment room! (Still the number one requested staff service) and my all time favorite. You’ve probably guessed by now DermaGenesis combines Dermaplaning and Laser Genesis. Immediately after the dermaplaning process a complete Laser Genesis treatment will be completed. This mini-escape will end with an anti-aging facial mask that will replenish your skin’s moisture and enhance the tightening effects of Laser Genesis. DermaGenesis will be added to our regular menu of service for $150. 90 minute service.

special package deal

As with any introduction (even if it is a re-introduction!), we have to extend a special offer. Beginning 7/14/14 and ending promptly at noon on 7/18/14 grab a mini-package of these services with the following specials:

  • Dermaplaning – package of 3, $130 ($20 savings)
  • Micro Peel – package of 3, $150 ($30 savings)
  • DermaGenesis – package of 3, $400 ($50 savings)

Non-Profit Love

 Speaking of peaches…one of my most favorite peachy keen non-profit foundations is Peach’s Neet Feet. Peach’s Neet Feet is a random acts of kindness based, non-profit organization that provides custom, hand-painted shoes to children living with disabilities and fighting serious illnesses. Many of our local cancer fighter’s have been recipients of Madison’s painted wonder super-kid shoes, including Murfreesboro’s own -Ms. Carlee Beam! We are kicking this month’s donations up a notch! Donate any amount to either Peach’s Neet Feet or Cure For Carlee and be entered to win a FREE package of DermaGenesis described above (value of $450). Each donation of $25 will earn you one entry. Entry dates are donations dated 7/14/14 – 7/31/14. One winner will be chosen on 8/2/14 from all entries. (For example for each increment of $25 you will receive one entry form. Donations to each non-profit will be added together). Donations will be confirmed with the non-profit and the winner will be notified 8/2/14. If you do not want to make an on-line donation, you may write a check payable directly to the non-profit and drop off at About Face. We’ll mail them in and complete your entry form. 

Click here to visit Carlee’s website (click donate at the top). 

Click here to visit Peach’s Neet Feet website (click get involved at the top).

Watch this video all the way to the end to see the Peach’s Neet Feet video to learn more about her work and the sweet dedication to one of our local Childhood Cancer Angels (and the one who took a large piece of my heart to Heaven). Click here to watch.

I can’t wait to see who our winner is! Maybe I can get Carlee-girl to draw the winner on 8/2! 

Happy middle of July~ Lori


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About Face is the medical Aesthetic division of About Face Time, LLC. About Face offers medical laser and medical aesthetic services under the supervision of a medical doctor.  All laser services are performed by Lori Woodard-Hoyt and are designed in a concierge type fashion. Meaning, all treatment plans are designed for each individual client, are private in nature (no other clients on site during treatment) and addresses each individual clients current needs and long-term goals.

Lori’s full curriculum vitae can be seen by visiting her Linkedin page, tinyurl.com/lorihoyt 

Lori has been using the Cutera XEO Coolglide laser platform since 1999. Cutera’s website and list of services can be found by clicking here.

Lori’s go to laser, and one that you’ll often hear her say “offers the biggest bang for the aesthetic dollar” is the 1064 nm nd yag. By selecting a non ablative delivery of light energy – laser genesis promises reduction in pore size, scarring, diffuse redness, oil secretion and over-all smoothness of texture and fine line wrinkles. This is a fantastic therapeutic and maintenance laser treatment that is delivered with no discomfort, no down-time and can be utilized on any skin type – even the darkest of skin tone.

FAQ’s regarding this site, About Face and Lori…

Q: Where can I find your menu of services along with prices?

A: You can’t. With over 16 years of laser experience, I found myself frustrated with an industry that has developed a reputation of nickel and diming clients by “add-on” services and/or (for example) – selling the removal of brown spots, but not disclosing that there is most likely a broken capillary under that brown spot. Once the brown spot is removed, now it will cost X more dollars to remove the red capillary.  Lori does not sell packages. She does not sell laser by the target it treats. She charges $50 for all aesthetics services that the laser is not switched on for. (Facials, chemical peels, etc). She charges $100 for all medical laser services that can be treated within the hour (laser hair removal, laser genesis, IPL/brown spot removal, spider vein reduction).

Q: I have had Laser Genesis before and saw no results. How is your laser genesis different?

A: The difference is – training and experience. Much like a common heard statement when someone sees photos they like “hey, your camera takes great photos” – this laser is indeed fantastic, but the person operating the laser, has to put the work in to the treatment, has to understand (skin) tissue response to the energy delivered and has to be capable of identifying skin type. The laser itself can’t deliver, much like a poorly trained photographer can take not so good photos with a fantastic camera. If you previously had Laser Genesis and it took 20-30 minutes to deliver this service, my guess is you had a partial treatment. I move my pulses as fast as the system will allow – and it takes me no less than 1 hour to deliver 20,000 pulses for a full face treatment. It is my experience that most “technicians” deliver somewhere between 8,000-12,000 pulses and call it a full treatment. I have never witnessed full clinical efficacy with this pulse count delivery.  If you are currently in a treatment package – take note of time the treatment started and when it finished (laser time only, not cleansing/prep and application of sunscreen at the end). Ask to see the pulse count on the laser when the treatment is over. It is clearly on the laser display at the very bottom.

Q: Can I be treated immediately following sun exposure?

A: Yes. Since the Cutera platform is designed to treat patients of all skin types (I – lightest to VI – darkest), I can treat any tone of skin. I do not recommend tanning in a tanning bed in any circumstance, and will always recommend a minimum of a spf 45 sunscreen on your face, everyday. I do not recommend that you receive a treatment and then immediately tan or sun-bathe. This has less to do with the appearance of your skin or melanoma, as it does sun poisoning. Neither are cute.

Q: You don’t sell packages, so how often should I come?

A: For hair removal on the face, once per every four weeks for four or five treatments should permanently remove troublesome hair. For hair on the body, once each 6-8 weeks is recommended. If you are bad with timing your appointments, your results may vary. If you have conditions such as PCOS, or have had multiple male pregnancies – your treatment schedule and results may be affected.

For laser genesis or any other treatment of the face – repetition depends on a few things: how long do we have to fix the signs of aging; how good or bad are you with maintenance, what your lifestyle looks like and what your budget allows. If you are eating well and do not tan or work in a factory – you will most likely find yourself cruising through maintenance by visiting once every 4-6 weeks. If you are a smoker, or any of the other apply, you will need to come more often to maintain healthy looking tight skin.

Q:  I do not see a specific brand or skin care product that you recommend for at-home use. Why?

A: Again, after much frustration with the industry that has led to a large margin of mistrust in the minds of clients, I do not recommend, nor find it necessary to buy and use a 6-8 step skin care system every day, for the rest of your life. This is not only expensive, but harmful. I have seen many clients on a popular skin care line that is very expensive, enslaves women to a 40 minute ritual twice a day – packed full of carcinogens, leaves the skin light-sensitive and when it comes time for anti-aging laser services – their skin is fragile, thin and inflammatory with heat. There are products that I personally use and recommend, and those can be found scattered through-out this blog site.

UPDATED fee schedule for 2016:

Due to the decreasing number of laser repair technicians in the Nashville area and the increasing costs of laser transport to California or NY as well as increasing laser repair costs, About Face is announcing their first ever price increase, effective 1/1/16. Please review this list and ask any questions. Loyal clients will also be receiving offers of memberships in the next week or so. Memberships will lock loyal clients into 2015 prices for ever.

A la Carte Pricing – This means we’re not real big on locking clients into packages. We DO give discounts to loyal clients who prefer to pay monthly or annually.

Laser treatment – all individual treatments will be charged at $125. Previously and through 12/31/15 our price has been $100 per treatment. We’ve priced comped everyone’s package pricing in the local area, and we’re still well-below others. We’re also the most trained. 16 years of continuous treatments, numbering in the hundreds of thousands now – with zero incidents. J

Examples of laser treatments offered:

laser hair removal (any body part); self-explanatory

laser genesis – for the reduction of fine line wrinkles, reduced pore size, reduction in diffuse redness, reduction in break-outs and reduction of toe-nail fungus and acne scarring – this is the over-all complexion laser! *This is most popular treatment.

IPL – Intense pulsed light. This is a light based laser, that is intended for brown spots, any skin discoloration (brown, red, yellow) – or vascular such as rosacea and very small broken vessels.

Laser Vein Removal – this is for spider veins on the face and legs

Refirme® – all individual treatments will be charged at $400.  Those pre-purchased or purchased through 12/31/15 are $300. This is our body contouring and skin-tightening treatments. This technology combines the wavelength of Titan with Radio Frequency to give stellar results. If you’re thinking face lift, but now is not the time, nor can you manage the down time associated with surgery, this service is for you.  We normally recommend a series of 3 treatments, spaced at 3-4 weeks apart.


Aesthetic services: price increased to $60 per treatment for 2016. Price through 12/31/15 – $50. This includes any facial, chemical peel or dermaplane service. These aesthetic services are discounted to $30 if also receiving them with a laser service on the same day. For example: many clients request dermaplane + laser genesis on the same day of service. The 2015 price was $130 total. The 2016 price for both of these services on the same day will be $150.

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