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About Face is the medical Aesthetic division of About Face Time, LLC. About Face offers medical laser and medical aesthetic services under the supervision of a medical doctor.  All laser services are performed by Lori Woodard-Hoyt and are designed in a concierge type fashion. Meaning, all treatment plans are designed for each individual client, are private in nature (no other clients on site during treatment) and addresses each individual clients current needs and long-term goals.

Lori’s full curriculum vitae can be seen by visiting her Linkedin page, tinyurl.com/lorihoyt 

Lori has been using the Cutera XEO Coolglide laser platform since 1999. Cutera’s website and list of services can be found by clicking here.

Lori’s go to laser, and one that you’ll often hear her say “offers the biggest bang for the aesthetic dollar” is the 1064 nm nd yag. By selecting a non ablative delivery of light energy – laser genesis promises reduction in pore size, scarring, diffuse redness, oil secretion and over-all smoothness of texture and fine line wrinkles. This is a fantastic therapeutic and maintenance laser treatment that is delivered with no discomfort, no down-time and can be utilized on any skin type – even the darkest of skin tone.

FAQ’s regarding this site, About Face and Lori…

Q: Where can I find your menu of services along with prices?

A: You can’t. With over 16 years of laser experience, I found myself frustrated with an industry that has developed a reputation of nickel and diming clients by “add-on” services and/or (for example) – selling the removal of brown spots, but not disclosing that there is most likely a broken capillary under that brown spot. Once the brown spot is removed, now it will cost X more dollars to remove the red capillary.  Lori does not sell packages. She does not sell laser by the target it treats. She charges $50 for all aesthetics services that the laser is not switched on for. (Facials, chemical peels, etc). She charges $100 for all medical laser services that can be treated within the hour (laser hair removal, laser genesis, IPL/brown spot removal, spider vein reduction).

Q: I have had Laser Genesis before and saw no results. How is your laser genesis different?

A: The difference is – training and experience. Much like a common heard statement when someone sees photos they like “hey, your camera takes great photos” – this laser is indeed fantastic, but the person operating the laser, has to put the work in to the treatment, has to understand (skin) tissue response to the energy delivered and has to be capable of identifying skin type. The laser itself can’t deliver, much like a poorly trained photographer can take not so good photos with a fantastic camera. If you previously had Laser Genesis and it took 20-30 minutes to deliver this service, my guess is you had a partial treatment. I move my pulses as fast as the system will allow – and it takes me no less than 1 hour to deliver 20,000 pulses for a full face treatment. It is my experience that most “technicians” deliver somewhere between 8,000-12,000 pulses and call it a full treatment. I have never witnessed full clinical efficacy with this pulse count delivery.  If you are currently in a treatment package – take note of time the treatment started and when it finished (laser time only, not cleansing/prep and application of sunscreen at the end). Ask to see the pulse count on the laser when the treatment is over. It is clearly on the laser display at the very bottom.

Q: Can I be treated immediately following sun exposure?

A: Yes. Since the Cutera platform is designed to treat patients of all skin types (I – lightest to VI – darkest), I can treat any tone of skin. I do not recommend tanning in a tanning bed in any circumstance, and will always recommend a minimum of a spf 45 sunscreen on your face, everyday. I do not recommend that you receive a treatment and then immediately tan or sun-bathe. This has less to do with the appearance of your skin or melanoma, as it does sun poisoning. Neither are cute.

Q: You don’t sell packages, so how often should I come?

A: For hair removal on the face, once per every four weeks for four or five treatments should permanently remove troublesome hair. For hair on the body, once each 6-8 weeks is recommended. If you are bad with timing your appointments, your results may vary. If you have conditions such as PCOS, or have had multiple male pregnancies – your treatment schedule and results may be affected.

For laser genesis or any other treatment of the face – repetition depends on a few things: how long do we have to fix the signs of aging; how good or bad are you with maintenance, what your lifestyle looks like and what your budget allows. If you are eating well and do not tan or work in a factory – you will most likely find yourself cruising through maintenance by visiting once every 4-6 weeks. If you are a smoker, or any of the other apply, you will need to come more often to maintain healthy looking tight skin.

Q:  I do not see a specific brand or skin care product that you recommend for at-home use. Why?

A: Again, after much frustration with the industry that has led to a large margin of mistrust in the minds of clients, I do not recommend, nor find it necessary to buy and use a 6-8 step skin care system every day, for the rest of your life. This is not only expensive, but harmful. I have seen many clients on a popular skin care line that is very expensive, enslaves women to a 40 minute ritual twice a day – packed full of carcinogens, leaves the skin light-sensitive and when it comes time for anti-aging laser services – their skin is fragile, thin and inflammatory with heat. There are products that I personally use and recommend, and those can be found scattered through-out this blog site.

UPDATED fee schedule for 2016:

Due to the decreasing number of laser repair technicians in the Nashville area and the increasing costs of laser transport to California or NY as well as increasing laser repair costs, About Face is announcing their first ever price increase, effective 1/1/16. Please review this list and ask any questions. Loyal clients will also be receiving offers of memberships in the next week or so. Memberships will lock loyal clients into 2015 prices for ever.

A la Carte Pricing – This means we’re not real big on locking clients into packages. We DO give discounts to loyal clients who prefer to pay monthly or annually.

Laser treatment – all individual treatments will be charged at $125. Previously and through 12/31/15 our price has been $100 per treatment. We’ve priced comped everyone’s package pricing in the local area, and we’re still well-below others. We’re also the most trained. 16 years of continuous treatments, numbering in the hundreds of thousands now – with zero incidents. J

Examples of laser treatments offered:

laser hair removal (any body part); self-explanatory

laser genesis – for the reduction of fine line wrinkles, reduced pore size, reduction in diffuse redness, reduction in break-outs and reduction of toe-nail fungus and acne scarring – this is the over-all complexion laser! *This is most popular treatment.

IPL – Intense pulsed light. This is a light based laser, that is intended for brown spots, any skin discoloration (brown, red, yellow) – or vascular such as rosacea and very small broken vessels.

Laser Vein Removal – this is for spider veins on the face and legs

Refirme® – all individual treatments will be charged at $400.  Those pre-purchased or purchased through 12/31/15 are $300. This is our body contouring and skin-tightening treatments. This technology combines the wavelength of Titan with Radio Frequency to give stellar results. If you’re thinking face lift, but now is not the time, nor can you manage the down time associated with surgery, this service is for you.  We normally recommend a series of 3 treatments, spaced at 3-4 weeks apart.


Aesthetic services: price increased to $60 per treatment for 2016. Price through 12/31/15 – $50. This includes any facial, chemical peel or dermaplane service. These aesthetic services are discounted to $30 if also receiving them with a laser service on the same day. For example: many clients request dermaplane + laser genesis on the same day of service. The 2015 price was $130 total. The 2016 price for both of these services on the same day will be $150.

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