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Graceful negotiation for the signs of aging

Are you ready to be pain free and/or are you ready to get moving?

If you read the above headline and shouted (yes!) then this post is for YOU.

I am excited to be able to share this fantastic opportunity with our clients in and close to Murfreesboro, TN. I have recently partnered with Murfreesboro H3O (click on logo to go to their website).


H3O Aquatics is the most advanced and accessible warm water therapeutic exercise and recreation center in the world and it is right here in Murfreesboro. This facility has been on my radar for quite some time, and I, myself finally started to use the facility. Not only is this business locally owned, it is Veteran owned. They do amazing things for Veteran’s in our community. On my second visit there, I met a Vietnam Veteran who looked me in the eyes and said “you know, this is only my second time here. I just walked 2 miles. In the past several years, I have barely walked from my bed to my living room. This place, well this place gives me HOPE”. If you know me, you know my dedication to Veteran’s.

  • Warm Water Therapy and Fitness  (NO Physician NOTE  Required)!
  • Exercise on your own with Underwater Treadmills, bikes, and other aquatic equipment  cost is .25 per minute per person, or $15 per hour.
  • Individual and small group Personal Training, Rehab, and Swim Lessons – personal
  • Yoga, Pilates, Zumba®, Kickboxing, and Tai Chi in heated therapy pools
    • If you are a person with MS, Tai Chi is highly recommended
    • Want to have personal training, but can’t afford the price? No problem – find 3 of your friends to join you and pay just $10 each for the class. (this is $10 per person times 4 – to meet the training fee of $40). Read more by clicking here.
  • HydroMassage bed provides a custom heated massage (and is one of Lori’s favorite things. ($7.50 for 30 minute massage or $15 for 1 hour massage). This is a private room with a hydromassage table that you control yourself using the touch screen pad.
  • Designed for those who can not swim, private bathrooms, wear comfortable clothes
  • Adults, special needs and abilities, and children age 4 and older (must be potty trained)
  • Walk-in’s are accepted to work out or for hydromassage – but they also take reservations and if you have a tight schedule, I recommend you schedule a time just for you.

If you are one of our clients who has been struggling to lose weight, improve your physical fitness or just need a friendly, no judgment zone place to work out – this is the place.

You know I always come with good news, right? Right! So, here it is:

First, if you want to go into Murfreesboro H30 on your own – go on in and meet Captain Burrows and take a tour of the facility. Plan on staying and trying out the hydromassage table for 30 minutes (no change of clothes or towel needed) – or – exercise in one of their heated therapy pools for 30 minutes for FREE. All you have to do is say “About Face” to Capt. Burrows or one of his staff and it will be completely free. They’ll try not to pivot and march away from you (ha)! One per person only, please. (If you happen to be in the treatment room anytime soon, I do have printed gift certificates available for this free session as well).

Next, we are kicking off our About Face wellness program. This is a program for active About Face Clients only. How do you know if you are an active About Face client? You are if you have been in and treated at least one time in the last calendar year. If you haven’t been in during the last 12 months, you know how to take care of that! Click here to schedule an appointment! This is necessary because in order to create an affordable well-rounded wellness program that works for everyone, I have to know you. During your treatment, we’ll multi-task and get your skin in shape too. There will be a free informational hour long session at About Face on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016. Pre-registration is required. At this information only session we will go over the program outline. No one-on-one skincare or wellness counseling will be offered during this hour (other than in group conversation). Bring a notebook and something to write with. 

There is a registration fee of $20 to join this group. Contact us by emailing us at (thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com) or by sending us a message via our Facebook page by clicking here. You may also leave a voicemail or send a text to (615) 796-1915. This phone is not typically answered during the day while we are treating patients, but we will call you either in between or after we are finished.

women in wellness

What kind of wellness program is this?

This will be a 6 days a week, daily opportunity program for you to improve your wellness. There is no on-going fees for this program, with the exception of our group sessions at local businesses.

For example: I have already reserved private sessions at Murfreesboro H30. Some of the first sessions are:

Wednesday, January 20th – 2pm

Friday, January 22 – 7pm

These one hour private sessions are open to the first 8 About Face Wellness (AFW) registered participants. You will be able to get an entire one hour training session personalized for you – for just $10. These dates and times are FCFS. Once you are registered for AFW, you will receive a calendar of daily activities.

In addition to Murfreesboro H30, we’ll be doing group walking hours where I’ve also invited local wellness professionals to join us on this walk and answer any questions! (no cost to you). In other words, some activities will be free and some will have small fees if you chose to join us when we use local facilities. Lori has been working hard to reserve times and dates at local wellness places at reduced costs for this groups participants.  These group activities will include something for everyone, and Lori will be attending all. To ensure the safety of group members, we will not be publicly posting our walk locations. All activities and locations will be sent to only AFW participants.  What’s better than group safety, physical fitness and affordable wellness? The only thing better than this is that AFW participants will be earning points for every AFW group activity they attend for Free skincare or laser treatments. I told you this was going to be good. So….



Step 1: register for the program.

Step 2: register for the information only session, Wednesday, Jan 20th – 9am (not mandatory for group participation). Non attendees will receive information via email.

Step 3: Start moving!







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Laser Hair Removal explained

Can you believe it’s time already for our once a year laser hair removal sale? When I say – sale – I mean – the least expensive it will ever be. Now that we have that covered, did you also know that it can lighten skin that has been darkened by the presence of hair (and other factors?). These areas commonly include the underarms and bikini area. (read to the end for the sale announcement).

FDA Approved

Laser Hair Removal was one of the very first FDA approved laser treatments, and we’ve been offering this service since 1999. I have lost count of the number of cases I have performed. To be honest, there are skin rejuvenating procedures that I do that are far more exciting to perform than laser hair removal. However, for clients who get a terrible rash with every swipe of a razor blade or who have such coarse hair that it needs to be shaved several times per day – they have been so thankful.  I have even heard “life changing” come out of their mouths.

Additional benefits

There is at least two more benefits of laser hair removal that you may have not even considered. First, the fact that it can whiten (or lighten) the area treated – such as underarms or bikini area. Many clients find that an added benefit is that these areas are no longer excessively darker than the skin on the rest of their body. Tank tops and other clothing that exposes their underarms can stay! With that being said, will laser cause your skin to lighten if there is no discoloration? NO.

How it Whitens (here’s some really technical info, skip if it bores you)

Lasers work utilizing selective photothermolysis (SPTL), which matches a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on a targeted chromophore (in this case – melanin) with minimal effect on the surrounding tissue. The wavelength is absorbed by dark objects, so laser energy can be absorbed by dark material in the skin, leaving the rest of the skin alone (rather, being color blind to anything else in it’s path). Melanin is considered the primary chromophore (or target) for all hair removal lasers currently on the market. Melanin occurs naturally in the skin, and gives skin and hair their color. There are two types of melanin in hair. Even more technical – Eumelanin gives hair brown or black color, while pheomelanin gives hair blonde or red color.

When you get a laser hair removal treatment, the process not only will remove hair, but also will clear away stubble and follicles, which will leave your armpits looking much lighter than would otherwise be the case. The procedure can fix the problem of dark armpits (or other areas) for the long-term period, something that neither shaving or waxing could ever do.

What to expect

I typically ask clients to shave the area to be treated the day before their treatment. If shaving causes a bad rash, it is best not to shave before your appointment. Otherwise – shave the area. Any pain associated with laser hair removal is caused from hair that has shed outside of the body actually burning to the skin. Bare skin rarely feels anything. Yes, I said anything. If you have had laser hair removal in the past and it was extremely painful – it was most likely not the right setting for you, or their laser did not have a primary cooling system.  How do you know? A laser with primary cooling has it built into the laser tip, versus a “cooling” spray or forced cold air blown at the skin after treatment (which is secondary cooling). Both of my lasers have cooling built into the tip – this means they stay 4 degrees – before, during and after each pulse. I can not tell you the number of clients I meet that tell horror stories of “painful” laser hair removal. Goodness, who would endure that? As someone who has had a long medical career (and sometimes, medical procedures – just hurt), I focus on the delivery of non painful aesthetic treatments. So, I only select pain free lasers, and you shave the day before. When you arrive, I will cleanse the area, apply a clear but cold ultrasound gel. This not only helps conduct the laser wavelength, but also helps with my pain free philosophy. After the gel is applied, The laser will be in contact with your skin and treatment of the underarms literally takes a few minutes. The gel will be wiped off and that’s it. You’ll be rescheduled for your next treatment and you’ll be on your way!


Indeed, laser hair removal can whiten your armpits even as it painlessly gets rid of unwanted hair in the armpit region. You don’t have to go with using a shaver or wax, which provides temporary relief from hair growth. These alternatives to laser hair removal are also painful or at least uncomfortable, which makes laser hair removal the obvious choice. One more thing. It saves you money. I mean, seriously. Have you noticed the prices of razors? UN BELIEVE ABLE. Add up $10-$20 (or more in some areas) for disposable razors then multiply that times the number of them you’ll need in a lifetime. Since I was the guinea pig when our practice started offering laser hair removal over 16 years ago, I had not purchased a razor in a very long time. When my daughter became the age where she needed to shave – I thought I was experiencing SVT’s when I saw how much they are.

legs about face

Areas that can be treated

Let me make this short and sweet. Anywhere. Yes, anywhere. If it’s a body part, I can assure you I have removed hair from it.

The sale, tell me about the sale.

Here it is: today only – purchase a package of laser hair removal for a small area – for just $175. What does that mean? That means you can select a small area – such as you upper lip, your underarms or your chin and get all the treatments you require within one year’s time – for $175. Need both your upper lip and chin treated? Buy two packages and you’re all set. Treatments are spaced out at approximately 4-6 weeks depending on hair type and each client.

Regular pricing for laser hair removal is $125 per one hour session (which can last from minutes up to one hour).  Why do I offer “pay as you go”? First, because I have never liked the “packages” method that traditional medspas offer. I have always felt like that leaves people out of being able to obtain these services. I much rather prefer inclusion! Also, I am very confident in my ability to treat clients safely and appropriately. I do not feel the need to strong-arm my clients into large packages that often contain services they do not need. I have the most experience in this demographic – and the best results (not to mention that pain-free style!).

Areas considered “small”

Upper Lip, chin, underarms (axilla), ears, toes, fingers, bikini line (this is straight across the top – the area that would show above underwear), happy trail (the straight line area from the pubic bone to the naval) and areola.

Areas considered “large”

Back, chest, 1/2 legs or 1/2 arms

Areas to be considered more than large – these areas take approximately 90 minutes to treat. A 90 minute treatment regular price is $150

Full legs, Full arms, back AND chest

Want the special? Email your request to: thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com. You will receive an invoice via email. All specials must be paid for today, no exceptions. (Additional staff is on hand to process these orders today only). Any invoices not paid by 11:59pm 1/11/16 will be deleted and regular pricing will apply.

See you in the treatment room soon!



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DIY Powdered Laundry Detergent

Many of you have been asking for my DIY powder laundry detergent recipe. I’m finally sitting still for 5 minutes to blog it for you all. It’s actually a very simple process especially if you have someone explaining things to avoid. Of all the things I have done to make the transition to natural and clean living, making powder laundry detergent has been the simplest!

First things first – this is so much better for your skin than commercially made laundry soaps. If you or anyone in your family suffers from any skin condition – such as psoriasis, eczema or skin sensitivities that cause itching, hives or swelling – laundry detergent is a great place to start to reduce their toxic load. Second, it saves time and money! I have tracked the costs and with my calculations, I am saving almost 60% over store bought commercially made laundry detergent.

Here’s what you need:

1. Borax (I normally buy two of each thing when I stock up). Available at most grocery stores and Wal-mart.


2. Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda again, I buy two boxes.


3. For each large batch you’ll need one regular size box of baking soda

4. 2 bars of EITHER Fels-naptha laundry bar soap or Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap. I prefer Dr, Bronner’s as the quality of this product is outstanding – and the come in different “flavors”. Typically I buy the lavender as pictured below.

104278dr bronner

How to:

1. First – take both bars of soap and either grate them (yes, using a cheese grater) or take it from me – purchase a small little Ninja food processor and cut the bar up into small pieces – grate it up, then grate it up some more.

2. Next measure in cups how much soap you have (do not crush it down, just take your grated bar soap and measure how many cups. The correct recipe is in a 1:2 ratio. Therefore – if you end up with 1 cup of grated soap, you will use 2 cups of washing soda and 2 cups of Borax. If you end up with 2 cups of grated soap, you will use 4 cups of washing soda and 4 cups of Borax. I always use just one box of baking soda.

3. Grab a large container to store it in. I bought a 5 gallon bucket from Lowe’s (it must have a cover). Toss all of the ingredients in the bucket and mix them up really well.

4. Once it is well mixed, take out enough of the mixture to fill your blender (or blender size Ninja food processor). Trust me – this will save you some clean up and some mixing. Drop 40 drops of the essential oil of your choice – I prefer Lemon, but we also use Lavender and Wild Orange at times). Blend the two items in your blender/Ninja.

5. Add this dry ingredient back into your large container/bucket and mix all together. Be sure to store with a cover!

Use 1/8 to 1/4 cup for each load – and yes! It’s High Efficiency safe!

*If you need Essential oils for this recipe, I do have them in stock. Lemon is $13. Mention this post and save 10%.  Let me know how it goes!

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Father’s Day Flash Sale!

fathers dayTo take advantage of this Father’s Day Flash Sale – text 615.796.1915 or email thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com.

Have a great day celebrating the super Dad’s in your life!

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Summer Skin Clubs are back!


It’s hard to believe that summer is here again so quickly. Wehad a pretty strange winter in Tennessee this year – seemed to skip Spring and right into Summer we’ve come.

Last summer our skin clubs were a huge hit and those with a little less hectic schedule during the summer seemed to really like the classes we offered. We’ve put together some great skincare clubs as well as a summer class schedule that you won’t want to miss. Need a babysitter? No problem. We offer babysitting for each class as well. (Pre-registration is required).

A little note about our summer skin clubs. All clubs include 6 treatment sessions that can be used anytime between 1 June – 1 August. Although this is roughly 8 weeks, we realize that most people take a small vacation or two during the summer. By holding them for 8 weeks, it gives participants some flexibility.

Summer Skin Club – Acne be gone $300

This summer skin club includes all the take home product you’ll need to head back to school with clearer healthier skin and 6 customized treatments that will include extractions, deep exfoliation, peels, dermaplane and even laser if needed for oil control or old scars.

What you’ll receive:

6 Aesthetic Services regular price $300

2 Laser Services regular price $200

Take home product: cleanser, toner, exfoliant, treatment gel, and acne spot treatment – regular price – $75

Regular grand total – $575 – Summer Skin Club price – $300, save $275.

Summer Skin Club – Tighten and brighten $500

6 weeks to tighter and brighter skin. Join this club and we’ll have 6 laser treatments, 6 aesthetic services (add on) – dermaplane, extractions and peels if needed. Add to this two take-home products that will help us along the way. Laser treatments will include laser genesis for tightening and even skin tone and texture – and IPL for any brown spots.

6 laser services regular price $600

6 add on aesthetic services -$180

Take home product – $38

Regular grand total – $818 – Summer Skin Club Price – $500, save $318

Summer Skin Club – The body treatment $450

This package will consist of six mix and match laser hair removal, spider vein removal, stretch mark reduction, and cellulite slimming treatments. 6 treatments to get it all in! Take home product includes cellulite slimming wrap solution to be used at home.

Regular grand total – $750 – Summer Skin Club Price – $450, save $300

Email requests for packages to: thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com. Deadline to begin is June 15, 2015.

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Winter wonderland cabin fever type news, tips and specials



Unbelievably, we’ve had a winter wonderland in Middle Tennessee. As a New Englander, I would have much rather we experienced a lot of great snowman making, sledding fun stuff instead of the miserable ice we’ve seen. It did make for some beautiful photos around town though.

We’ve heard there’s cabin fever going around! 

The treatment room is pretty full this week and those who needed to reschedule are being fit into every nook and cranny we can find. If you need to schedule, here’s a link to the online scheduler. Click here. If you do not see something that works for your schedule, be sure to text (615) 796-1915 or send us a message through facebook. We have clients that are pretty flexible so we can normally work timing out.

We realize that the day to day -tips, treatment photos and “pop-up” sales are posted via social media than here on the web-blog. If you are a facebook fanatic – click here to like our facebook page.  Once there, click like then be sure to click “get notifications” on the drop-down menu below like, so you won’t miss notices of sales. Many one-day sales are posted there. If you tweet, click here to follow About Face.

Facebook rate/review discount. Last week we realized that our “rating” box was erroneously left off our facebook page. Here’s a direct link to the ratings page (Click here) on facebook. If you visit the page and rate About Face no later than 28 Feb 2015, you will receive 10% off your next service. Your 10% off does not expire – ever. The first time we see you after your comment, the discount is yours!

Retail – all natural/organic items not to be missed. All items are first-come-first-served. If you see an item you need, please contact us to pre-pay for the item. Our items do not last on the shelves for long and there are, at times delays in getting the purest ingredients.  Currently, we have limited supplies of the items posted below in stock. 

“Clean Slate” Charcoal Detox Mask. This will provide 16 at-home mask treatments. $16


This “saggy roller” is available both for clients who would like to have the in-spa neck treatments and those who would like to try the neck roller on it’s own at home. $26

body butter

BODY BUTTER. This stuff is like GOLD in the treatment room. Used by staff and clients after bathing/showering, this AMAZING whipped body butter is made with 100% pure Shea Butter, Epicurean Olive Oil’s Fractionated Coconut oil, pure vitamin E, grapeseed oil, Lavender EO, Melaleuca EO, Geranium EO and Frankencense EO. Everything your skin needs to be well nourished. This body butter has taken away visible signs of psioriasis, ecxema, keratosis polaris (little red bumps) and for those who do not suffer with these things – it keeps your skin extremely hydrated and smooth. $10

SERVICE SPECIAL ALERT: Laser Hair Removal for the Axilla (underarms).

Today only = purchase a series of underarm laser treatments to permanently remove all hair in the Axilla. Bathing suit weather is coming, I promise! Here’s the deal: purchase this sweet deal for $125. Here’s what you’ll get. A whole year of treatments (12 maximum) for the underarm area. While most clients get 100% hair reduction within 5 visits, there are others who have some straggler hairs or need touch-ups. This sweet deal will ensure that you have hair free underarms! Treatments are spaced out at 4 week intervals and take just 15 minutes to complete. This special must be purchased no later than midnight tonight (2/23/15). Call or text 615.796.1915, send a message through facebook, or email (thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com). Send your name and email address in the message. This is regularly a $500 service. This package is non-refundable after the first session, since all packages are special-priced. If refunds are requested, services will be unbundled and charged the “a la carte” price which is $100.

We hope you all have remained safe and warm! We are working on Mother’s Day specials this week. The sunshine is coming, we can just tell!


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The secret to successful Fall skin


Fall in New England (Home)

 Just like that, Fall has arrived. Although this summer was mild compared to some in Middle Tennessee, it feels good to put away hot weather clothes and drag out jeans, boots and sweaters. For those of you following my blog and receiving treatments at About Face – this is a good time to remember that I am a big fan of seasonal skin care.

 Towards the end of October, if you are a Retin A user (or want to be), cooler temps mean better skin conditions for use. If you tried it before but your skin reacted with peeling and the “lizard” look, you might be encouraged to try it again in cooler temperatures. If you are sensitive/reactive – try applying Retin A to areas where age shows up most on the face (smile lines, between the brows, and upper forehead or jowls). Remember this product is not for everyone, and should be used in moderation. If you need assistance in determining if you would benefit from Retin A, schedule a consultation or facial and we’ll make a decision together.

 Fall temperatures commonly mean turning on the heating system. With this comes dryer air and – sometimes dry skin. Perhaps you didn’t need a moisturizer all summer long, but now you do. Do not skip moisturizer during this time. I love using grape seed oil (see products page to the right) – and adding a drop or two of Lavender Essential oil to it. This will nourish and moisturize your skin, as well as soften fine lines and give your skin a much smoother appearance. Thanks to our friends at Epicurean Olive Oils, we now have 2 ounce “try it before you buy it” Grapeseed oil bottles, exclusively at About Face (not available in their store). This is also a fantastic size for travel. They are $6.

2014-09-23 17.44.41 (1)

Don’t forget your body! Remember the best way to treat a skin condition is to prevent it. A little extra moisturizer can prevent dry flaking skin for both face and body. Make your own DIY body butter at home, or pick on up at About Face. For $10 you can moisturize all winter long.

DIY Whipped Body Butter

What you’ll need:
 Shea butter
Coconut Oil
Jojoba oil – an ounce or so OR – vitamin E oil for an extra kick
Essential oils of choice (i.e. tea tree oil, lavender, etc.)
 How to:
Mix equal parts of shea butter and coconut oil (you can add jojoba oil here too if you like) in a double boiler.
Allow mixture to melt, remove from heat, and add essential oil if using (we like tea tree and lavender).
Allow to cool completely (about half an hour). Oil mixture will begin to solidify. Once it is partially solidified:
Whip on medium speed for several minutes. Mixture will take on a nice, whipped, buttery texture.
Place in airtight containers and apply at night or after bathing/showering.
Fall will most likely bring seasonal allergies and sinus issues. Now is a great time to have preventative ear candling. Ear candling, also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an aesthetic service to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow beeswax candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. Of course this removes wax build-up, but also removes pollen and clients report that it improves ear trouble, sinus trouble, tmj and snoring. It is listed on the scheduler under aesthetic services. Schedule by clicking here.
 Here is the October special you’ve been waiting for:
Purchase  3 Laser Genesis, 3 Dermaplane treatments and 3 hand rejuvenation (exfoliation, brown spot removal for the hands) and a take home hand cream! This package would retail at $690 of individual services and $18 for hand cream – but is on special this week for $375. Purchase this week – use whenever (services do not expire).
brown spots
Happy Fall
~ Lori
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Cool off with cucumber

Love this! Try juicing a cucumber and soaking a cotton face mask in the juice. If you do not have access to cotton facial masks, try using a thicker paper towel (such as Bounty, etc). Soak in cucumber juice and place on your face like a mask. Leave on for 20 minutes, remove and rinse with warm water.

Nails To Go

Summer is officially here and it’s HOT.
On the hot days like that I feel like my whole body is dehydrated. Did somebody say lake?

One of my favourite summer veggie is cucumber. Cucumber consists of 96% water and it’s your best friend in the hot summer months. That goes for your skin too.


-cucumber has an ability to reduce the appearance of dark circles (*apply two fresh slices on the eyes. Sit back and relax)
– reduces puffy eyes. usually caused my water retention (repeat * step)
-brightens skin (that goes for age spots and freckles)
-soothes sunburn (cucumber is filled with water and it’s a perfect natural cooling, hydrating after sun remedy)
-fights heat inside and out
-great for nails. include them in your beauty diet.
– make water. cucumber water is so refreshing

Stay cool and beautiful with these tips.

What’s your…

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Sensational Summer Skin (camps!)





 Hooray! Summer is finally (almost) here! School is ending, backpacks are being emptied for the last time as parents of school-aged children breath a sigh of…relief? melancholy? It happens every year – we’re all happy for less rigid routines and schedules, but sad that another school year is ending. For parents of high-schooler’s (now that I have been there, too) – the shock of having a graduate under your roof can take some adjusting to. Having a graduate and a teen who no longer goes to summer camps is even more strange! But here we are- headed towards the dog days of summer. For the first year ever – we are kicking off our version of Sensational Summer Skin camps, where we hope you’ll learn a little about our philosophy of “seasonal” skin care, as well as be ahead of the curve and ready to tackle a new school year come August 11th or so. We have worked very hard to create mini camps that should meet everyone’s needs!

  First, let’s talk about Summer and skin (care!). The best advice any professional can give you for surviving summers with higher temps and more outdoor activities is simple. 

1. Sunscreen. It’s that simple. Yes, it’s a must. Every.single.day. Find one you like and apply it 20-30 minutes before heading out the door. Then re-apply it based on the spf strength. So how do you know how long before you need to reapply? 

SPF numbers start as low as 2 and have just recently reached 70. To figure out how long you can stay in the sun with a given SPF, use this equation:

Minutes to burn without sunscreen x SPF number = maximum sun exposure time

For example, if you are like me and burn after 10 minutes of sun exposure, an SPF of 15 will allow you to be in the sun for up to 150 minutes without burning. But before you launch your calculator app and head for the beach, you should know that this equation is not always 100% accurate. People usually use far less sunscreen than the amount used in testing. In the real world, the average sun worshiper uses half the amount of sunscreen used in a testing lab, which could result in a sunburn in half the time. Personally, I use SPF 40 and have approximately 5 hours of coverage in the Tennessee sun before I need re-application. If I am at a beach, I normally re-apply after coming out of the water and no longer than 3 hour intervals during the peak of the day. So that’s the good news. There is a way to protect ourselves from harmful UVB rays (think b for burn). SPF only protects the skin against UVB rays, it does not protect the skin from harmful UVA rays. (Think a for aging!) Therefore, unless you plan to spend some time in corrective treatments, expect accumulated effects of long term sun exposure to show up on your face. For those who love visuals – check out these two photos.

article-0-19C5C532000005DC-417_308x364.jpg (308×364) 

This first image is a photo that shows This image shows the hidden damage being inflicted on skin as a result of overexposure to UVA rays. She can’t see them now, but they are there, just waiting to surface as the skin thins with the natural aging process.

The second photo that recently spoke volumes to me is the photo above of a 69 year old truck driver with markedly worse damage on the left side from repeated exposure to UVA rays through the driver’s side window. The dermatologist who saw him believed the age of his skin on the left was that similar to an 86 year old. 

Source: New England Journal of Medicine


For a short informative video on why we get sunburns, click here!

2. Hydration. Yes, your skin needs it (as does the rest of you!). Water is cheap and yet, I am still amazed at the number of clients who resort to expensive skin creams and treatments versus just adding water! Yes it’s true- 50% of your weight in ounces is what you should take in (minimally). If you weigh 140lbs, that’s 70 ounces of water each day. For more activity in higher temps or sun bathing, increase the number of ounces. Your skin’s appearance will reward you!

 There you have it – my best summer time skin care advice.  More than likely what you’ve been waiting for is this years much anticipated Sensational Summer Skin Specials (think of them as mini-summer camps for skin).

All camps are available for implementation now (5/27/14 and will end on 8/9/14). 

Sensational Summer Skin Camp #1. This camp is designed for teens and college-aged students with problematic skin. This 10 week camp includes 5 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart. During each treatment the skin will be double cleansed, pH balanced, exfoliated, any necessary extractions performed and a customized to skin condition chemical peel treatment completed. Average visit length 45 minutes. First visit, expect slightly longer for intake (approximately 1 hour).

Two payment options: 1. Pay in full at the beginning of camp. $200. This includes a full-size at home cleanser ( average retail value $30) that is at the discretion of the technician’s choice and based upon the condition of skin and goals of treatment. Total savings $80

                                      2.  Pay as you go. $50 each for visits 1-4, 5th visit FREE. Total savings $50, does not include take-home cleanser.

Sensational Summer Skin Camp #2. This camp is designed for more mature skin or problematic skin in adults. This 10 week skin camp will consist of 5 bi-weekly treatments, starting with an express facial and chemical peel, followed by 3 laser genesis treatments for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and excess oil AND 3 IPL treatments to remove any age spots or redness from scarring and ending with a facial and chemical peel the last week of camp. This is an excellent package for those who would like to put their best face forward by Fall!

Two payment options: 1. Pay in full at the beginning of camp. $325. This includes a full-size at home cleanser (average retail value $30) that is at the discretion of the technician’s choice and based upon the condition of skin and goals of treatment. Total savings $105 + value of babysitting if needed.

                                   2.  Pay as you go. $115 each for visits 1-3. 4th and 5th visit FREE. Total savings $55 + value of babysitting if needed, does not include take-home cleanser.

I know what you’re thinking…this can’t get any better, right? Oh – we listened all through the school-year and we heard all about your babysitting woes! SO, if you have children ages 6 weeks – 12 years at home and you have a need for babysitting, we will provide that during your treatment, too FREE. Our babysitters are over the age of 18, CPR and first aid trained and have certified background checks. All babysitting is provided on site in a rec room adjacent to your treatment room (but we promise to drown out any kid silliness noise with spa music). Babysitting will take place for your children only (I mean, you can’t bring the neighborhood gang!), and is only available to those who book on Monday’s or Tuesday’s. (Please add a comment to your online appointment as to first names and ages of children coming for free activities/babysitting). 

Sensational Summer Skin Camp #3. We know the last offer is hard to beat! However, we believe we have accomplished this with our third and final summer skin camp! This camp is designed for adults over age 21 who not only need, but truly deserve the extra attention and pampering. Not only have we worked out a fantastic treatment schedule – we have thought of extra’s and are including them for FREE. Husbands and significant others – pay attention to this “camp”.

Here’s the summer camp 3 schedule:

1. Schedule this 1.00 hour visit anytime between 5/28-6/14/14. Deep pore cleansing facial with a customized chemical peel. This treatment also includes a complimentary neck lift/collagen mask. (Retail value of service $65) Pick up your camp goodie-bag, filled with extra’s and FREEBIE’s, detailed below.

2. Schedule this 1.50 hour visit anytime between 6/15-6/28/14. Cellulite treatment. This spot treatment includes your choice of problem area (abdomen, thighs, arms). This treatment starts with exfoliation of the area and “skin brushing” to get the lymphatic system moving! Treatment will be applied and the area wrapped and warmed for the next hour. Treatment will be removed at the end of the hour and a cellulite firming cream applied to the area. You’ll also leave this appointment with a take home cellulite cream to apply until it is gone. Of course, there’s no sense in wasting the hour just being wrapped! Might as well treat your skin to a “day at the beach, minus the UVA/UVB rays” laser service – laser genesis. You’ll be wrapped toasty and regenerating skill cells all at the same time!  (Retail value of service $175, cellulite cream – $48, total retail value – $223).

3. Schedule this 1.25 hour visit anytime between 6/29 – 7/5/14. The knees, legs and feet have this one. Have loose skin around your knees? We’ll tighten it. Have any problems with toenail discoloration or fungus? We’ll treat that too. If you do not have any toenail issues to treat, we’ll be pampering your feet with an aromatherapy foot treatment. Almost forgot the legs – spider veins? We’ll treat them this visit too!  (Retail value of service $150).

4. Schedule this 1.00 hour visit anytime between 7/6 – 7/19/14.  The brown spots and/or any redness – either diffuse or rosacea take the stage for this visit. During this visit we’ll treat any brown spot or red spot was can find with both laser genesis and IPL! (Retail value of service $100). OR Full body exfoliation service. Yes, that’s right – we’ll start at your head and end at your toes with our full body exfoliation service. All body parts are modestly draped as we keep you warm on the table. At the conclusion of this service, you’ll be slathered in our body butter that everyone raves about (and then take home your own supply of body butter!).  (Retail value of service $100, retail value of body butter – $27).  

5. Schedule this 1.25 hour visit anytime between 7/20-8/9/14. We’re making it all about the face again! We’ll start with double cleansing, pH balancing & exfoliation. We’ll then treat with laser genesis and IPL if needed to fine tune the skin before we end the treatment with a customized facial mask.  (Retail value of service $100).

Now that’s a summer camp, I’d like to attend! No mosquito bites, no being shipped off to a working “farm church camp” by your mother with your cousin, surely to die at the castle? (oh, that may have just been MY experience in upstate NY). What pampering skin care camp would be complete without some goodie bag FREEBIES? Here they are:

With the purchase of this complete package, each happy camper will receive the following FREEBIE’S (complete retail value of freebie’s = $168.00)

1. A gift certificate for a 90-minute introductory float at Float Nashville!

Float Nashville

I was introduced to the concept of “floating” by a beautiful soul who this world lost way too soon, at the age of 31. An amazing person and avid surfer, “Dr. Gage” talked about floating all the time. At the time, the closest float tanks to Nashville were located in NC. We never got the chance to go. Shortly after Dr. Gage’s passing, Float Nashville opened. Of course, I was going. Admittedly, I alternated between crying and laughing during my first 90 minute float and good talk with Dr. Gage. To learn more about floating, visit their website: http://www.floatnashville.com/. Be sure to check out the “float” tab that has great info and video’s too! You’ll find the owners not only extremely knowledgeable, but amazing people as well! I’ll let the professionals explain about the amazing healing abilities of float tanks/sensory deprivation – but suffice it to say – I’ve not only done my research, I’ve floated a few times too. Each visit brings more improved results. I strongly recommend this for runners, cross-fit enthusiasts, body builders, for those with chronic pain, or medical conditions such as arthritis, scoliosis and fibromyalgia. I like to equate the benefits with a whole weeks worth of sleep for myself personally, as a chronic insomniac. Value of this free gift – $69. Must be used no later than 8/9/14.

2. Sample/trial sizes of:

Revision Skincare’s Intellishade – sunscreen, moisturizer and tinted base make-up all in one. One of my favorite products! 

Physiodermie’s Bio-gommage. My go to, gotta have it exfoliator.

Travel size Redken Shampoo and Conditioner.

2 ounces of Epicurean’s grape seed oil (the only cleanser and moisturizer you’ll ever need!

3. $10 gift certificate to Staples

4. $20 gift certificate to a local hair salon of your choice. We intended this as a scalp-massage, blow dry and style add-on!

5. One bottle of your favorite color nail polish (that also happens to support our favorite childhood cancer non-profit.

6. Gift certificate for two movies at a local movie theater.

7. Gift certificate valued at $25 at our local new favorite place to lunch: Peter D’s. Visit their website (www.thepeterds.com) and download their menu. There are no bad choices! Now all you have to do is figure out who to take!

Two payment options:

1. One payment due before first service is scheduled: $550 (retail value of all services $665, retail value of all freebies = $168, total retail value = $833). Total savings of $283, plus the value of free babysitting if needed/used!

2. Three payments each of $215. Payments due dates: before first service is scheduled, then 6/15 & 6/29. Freebie goodie bag will be given on date of final payment. Total savings of $188, plus the value of free babysitting if needed/used!


Of course, we ran this by our panel of long time clients and we knew they’d have questions. So, before you ask – here’s the answers:

Q: Can any of the Summer camps be shared between friends?

A: Yes. Summer camp 1 and 2 may be shared with no problems and no price changes. The only caveat is one payment method only and the details of how the services are divided up remains between the purchaser and sharee’s. (we will ask for a signed sharing agreement). Summer camp 3 may ALSO BE SHARED, however only one FREEBIE bag will be given and shared as you see fit amongst your group. If the others you share with would also like a FREEBIE bag, there is an up-charge of $50 per additional person as the items have to be purchased.

Q: Do both Summer camps 2 and 3 include free babysitting?

A: Yes, as long as services are scheduled on Monday or Tuesday.

*None of the above specials/offers can be combined with other discounts or pre-purchased services. 

Have a great healthy and safe Summer ~ Lori



New location

The renovation dust is finally settling and many of you have had a visit or two to the new “About Face” location. This week, the gazebo is finally up, so try to arrive a few minutes early and enjoy some fruit or veggie infused water and give yourself a minute! Since entry past the gazebo leads directly into the treatment room, if the door is slightly open, come on it. If it is shut, this means the room is either being prepared for your visit or the treatment before yours is ending. If you haven’t programmed the new location address – please take a minute to do so. The new location is: 1314 Bass Ave, Murfreesboro, TN 37129. As you enter the drive, follow to the end of the driveway as it turns slight right. The entrance is at the back just through the gazebo! For those of you still forgetting and going to the old location, don’t worry – we’ve added an extra 15 minutes to every appointment in May to allow all of us to acclimate.


We hope you are also getting used to the online scheduling via Schedulicity. If you haven’t created a profile there, take a few minutes to do so. If you are registered and your birth month and day are listed, you will be invited to take advantage of one 50% off treatment during your birth month. Of course you can still call or text, but, scheduling the perfect time for you then relies on me getting back to you and it often happens that the slot is already taken. If you have not registered, here’s the link to get that done. https://www.schedulicity.com/Scheduling/?business=AFTLL9

 Schedulicity also sends out emails. It does not (nor do we) share your information with others. Many of you contacted me directly stating you missed the grand opening email special sent in April. Apparently, those you have referred received the special and some of you did not. OOPS. We have discovered that some of you have rather high settings on spam filters. The email should come from this address: Schedulicity <no_reply@schedulicity.com, so add this to your allowed list or email contacts. It may also show up as: thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com. This is the email I used to register for schedulicity. If you add both of these to your allowed list, you should not miss further emails. We do not send out many specials, since our pricing is simplified and already discounted. At About Face you will not be locked into packages or series of services. For all non laser treatments, the regular price is $50. If you have an appointment where the laser is used, you’ll pay $100. I know many of you enjoy it, but it has been so freeing for ME. All treatment modalities (hair, veins, red, brown spots, etc) are on one platform and my OCD tendencies had a hard time leaving something behind because it wasn’t in your “package”. After 15 years of using this laser, I found it to be extremely confining for me – as well as has led to some level of mistrust within the industry. Clients feel nickeled and dimed and treatment providers didn’t really like leaving that one red facial vein because the package purchased didn’t include veins. Liberation! Hallelujah! 

 About Face does not sell product! Of course we have our favorites (see sidebar for product favorites) and we keep up with local consultants that sell products we love. We encourage you to bring all the products you use to your first appointment. We can assure you of this – if you are spending hundreds a month, or even every other month of skin care product – you are spending too much! Our decision to not sell product was tough, but one that was necessary to simplify our business processes and to keep overhead low. 

 Happy Mother’s Day (this weekend!). My favorite gift to give this year has been via the St. Jude gift shop. Log in, select a card or a gift and St. Jude takes care of all the rest – with proceeds benefiting Kids with cancer! win/win. In honor of this special day, About Face is offering for a very limited time, the chance to purchase your next service in advance and we’ll bonus you with a service for your Mom, or a Mom you know that may need a lift! Purchase your next service before Mother’s Day, and receive a gift certificate to give for a FULL service for just $25. (retail value up to $100). Can’t come in? No problem, shoot us an email and we’ll send along an invoice. Once paid, we’ll email you a receipt and a gift certificate to print and give to your Mom, or any Mom! In addition, there are currently 18 Cancer Mom’s in my inner circle (this means they have or had a child with pediatric cancer)…add $15 to your invoice to cover the cost of basic supplies and we will surprise a cancer momma with a free treatment! Last year, we provided over 34 free treatments! 



Mother’s Day on a budget?

  Everyone knows I personally use many many items from my kitchen and/or juicer for my own face! So, if you find yourself on a shoestring budget this year, no problem. Here’s some recipes to treat your favorite Mom! Have a sister/sister friend? Grab them and your Mom if you can and have a great spa girls night. 


Chocolate face mask:

1/2 cup of cocoa powder – extremely high in antioxidant flavonoids (I use Hershey’s Baking Cocoa – the Natural unsweetened kind) 
3 tbsp of heavy cream (generic brand works just fine)
3 tsp rolled oats

Here’s what to do:
Grind or blend the rolled oats so that it is a fine powder. Coffee bean grinder or regular blender works for this.  Mix the cocoa powder, fine rolled oats, and heavy cream together in a bowl until it is a paste that you can use on your face.  Apply the chocolate face mask to your face using your (clean!) fingers. I also like to pre-heat the mask just slightly. Be sure the skin is clean and even exfoliated before applying this mask/paste to dry skin. Leave on for 15 minutes. Pre-heat some damp rolled hand towels by boiling on the stove (and allowing to cool until you can handle them (or if you have a towel warmer, place damp towels in it just before you apply the mask)! So what does this chocolate mask do? Cocoa powder is extremely high in flavonoids, which help protect your skin against UV/sun damage! . The rolled oats will exfoliate her skin and the results are soft, UV protected skin. Take turns applying the mask and spend time making memories (and of course, take photos to share with me!). 

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of the amazing Women reading! 

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