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Laser Hair Removal explained

on January 11, 2016

Can you believe it’s time already for our once a year laser hair removal sale? When I say – sale – I mean – the least expensive it will ever be. Now that we have that covered, did you also know that it can lighten skin that has been darkened by the presence of hair (and other factors?). These areas commonly include the underarms and bikini area. (read to the end for the sale announcement).

FDA Approved

Laser Hair Removal was one of the very first FDA approved laser treatments, and we’ve been offering this service since 1999. I have lost count of the number of cases I have performed. To be honest, there are skin rejuvenating procedures that I do that are far more exciting to perform than laser hair removal. However, for clients who get a terrible rash with every swipe of a razor blade or who have such coarse hair that it needs to be shaved several times per day – they have been so thankful.  I have even heard “life changing” come out of their mouths.

Additional benefits

There is at least two more benefits of laser hair removal that you may have not even considered. First, the fact that it can whiten (or lighten) the area treated – such as underarms or bikini area. Many clients find that an added benefit is that these areas are no longer excessively darker than the skin on the rest of their body. Tank tops and other clothing that exposes their underarms can stay! With that being said, will laser cause your skin to lighten if there is no discoloration? NO.

How it Whitens (here’s some really technical info, skip if it bores you)

Lasers work utilizing selective photothermolysis (SPTL), which matches a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on a targeted chromophore (in this case – melanin) with minimal effect on the surrounding tissue. The wavelength is absorbed by dark objects, so laser energy can be absorbed by dark material in the skin, leaving the rest of the skin alone (rather, being color blind to anything else in it’s path). Melanin is considered the primary chromophore (or target) for all hair removal lasers currently on the market. Melanin occurs naturally in the skin, and gives skin and hair their color. There are two types of melanin in hair. Even more technical – Eumelanin gives hair brown or black color, while pheomelanin gives hair blonde or red color.

When you get a laser hair removal treatment, the process not only will remove hair, but also will clear away stubble and follicles, which will leave your armpits looking much lighter than would otherwise be the case. The procedure can fix the problem of dark armpits (or other areas) for the long-term period, something that neither shaving or waxing could ever do.

What to expect

I typically ask clients to shave the area to be treated the day before their treatment. If shaving causes a bad rash, it is best not to shave before your appointment. Otherwise – shave the area. Any pain associated with laser hair removal is caused from hair that has shed outside of the body actually burning to the skin. Bare skin rarely feels anything. Yes, I said anything. If you have had laser hair removal in the past and it was extremely painful – it was most likely not the right setting for you, or their laser did not have a primary cooling system.  How do you know? A laser with primary cooling has it built into the laser tip, versus a “cooling” spray or forced cold air blown at the skin after treatment (which is secondary cooling). Both of my lasers have cooling built into the tip – this means they stay 4 degrees – before, during and after each pulse. I can not tell you the number of clients I meet that tell horror stories of “painful” laser hair removal. Goodness, who would endure that? As someone who has had a long medical career (and sometimes, medical procedures – just hurt), I focus on the delivery of non painful aesthetic treatments. So, I only select pain free lasers, and you shave the day before. When you arrive, I will cleanse the area, apply a clear but cold ultrasound gel. This not only helps conduct the laser wavelength, but also helps with my pain free philosophy. After the gel is applied, The laser will be in contact with your skin and treatment of the underarms literally takes a few minutes. The gel will be wiped off and that’s it. You’ll be rescheduled for your next treatment and you’ll be on your way!


Indeed, laser hair removal can whiten your armpits even as it painlessly gets rid of unwanted hair in the armpit region. You don’t have to go with using a shaver or wax, which provides temporary relief from hair growth. These alternatives to laser hair removal are also painful or at least uncomfortable, which makes laser hair removal the obvious choice. One more thing. It saves you money. I mean, seriously. Have you noticed the prices of razors? UN BELIEVE ABLE. Add up $10-$20 (or more in some areas) for disposable razors then multiply that times the number of them you’ll need in a lifetime. Since I was the guinea pig when our practice started offering laser hair removal over 16 years ago, I had not purchased a razor in a very long time. When my daughter became the age where she needed to shave – I thought I was experiencing SVT’s when I saw how much they are.

legs about face

Areas that can be treated

Let me make this short and sweet. Anywhere. Yes, anywhere. If it’s a body part, I can assure you I have removed hair from it.

The sale, tell me about the sale.

Here it is: today only – purchase a package of laser hair removal for a small area – for just $175. What does that mean? That means you can select a small area – such as you upper lip, your underarms or your chin and get all the treatments you require within one year’s time – for $175. Need both your upper lip and chin treated? Buy two packages and you’re all set. Treatments are spaced out at approximately 4-6 weeks depending on hair type and each client.

Regular pricing for laser hair removal is $125 per one hour session (which can last from minutes up to one hour).  Why do I offer “pay as you go”? First, because I have never liked the “packages” method that traditional medspas offer. I have always felt like that leaves people out of being able to obtain these services. I much rather prefer inclusion! Also, I am very confident in my ability to treat clients safely and appropriately. I do not feel the need to strong-arm my clients into large packages that often contain services they do not need. I have the most experience in this demographic – and the best results (not to mention that pain-free style!).

Areas considered “small”

Upper Lip, chin, underarms (axilla), ears, toes, fingers, bikini line (this is straight across the top – the area that would show above underwear), happy trail (the straight line area from the pubic bone to the naval) and areola.

Areas considered “large”

Back, chest, 1/2 legs or 1/2 arms

Areas to be considered more than large – these areas take approximately 90 minutes to treat. A 90 minute treatment regular price is $150

Full legs, Full arms, back AND chest

Want the special? Email your request to: thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com. You will receive an invoice via email. All specials must be paid for today, no exceptions. (Additional staff is on hand to process these orders today only). Any invoices not paid by 11:59pm 1/11/16 will be deleted and regular pricing will apply.

See you in the treatment room soon!



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