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DIY slimming wraps

on August 22, 2014


Ready? I’m going to outline how to make a DIY body wrap that really works and costs less than $3 per wrap!

In a 4 ounce glass container (NO plastic, the oils will break down the plastic):

1/2 bottle of doTERRA Slim & Sassy Metabolic Oil Blend which is 7.5 ml

1/2 bottle of doTERRA Grapefruit Oil which is also 7.5ml

Fill the glass container to the top with the carrier oil of choice. I prefer fractionated coconut oil.

slim and sassy

Ready to wrap your waist?

Okay, almost! Take a warm to hot shower if possible. This opens the pores up therefore your wrap blend will be more easily absorbed. The next step is an absolute must if you are a doubter. Take your measurements. Write them down. I usually measure in 3 places. At the waist (right at the belly button) and then two inches below and above the belly button. It is okay to use a sharpie to mark the exact spots if you need too.

Massage the Slim & Sassy Body Wrap oil onto your waist. Always apply in the direction of your heart (this means rub or massage upward strokes towards the heart while applying). This stimulates the lymphatic system and improves immune function as well.

Please do not skip this next step! Cover your body with a light fabric (like an old tee shirt) or thin cotton pajamas. Next, wrap your waist with several layers of Glad Press and Seal wrap. This is the kind with tiny little grippers on it. glad seal

Wrap just tight enough to keep the fabric in place, breathing is important! Essential oils break down petrochemicals (in plastic), therefore, it is so incredibly important to put a barrier between your skin and the press and seal.  Without this barrier, the plastic could breakdown and actually be driven into your body, creating greater toxicity.  Please be safe, use a light barrier!

Drink a minimum of 16 ounces of water while your wrap is on and at least 70 ounces of water the next day. This will help flush out all of the toxins. If you are not well hydrated, this wrap can backfire and add inches!

Leave your wrap in place for at least 45 minutes (but overnight is preferred). It is okay to feel some tingle while the wrap is on, it should only tingle for the first several minutes. The ingredients are active, therefore it is normal to feel a slight tingle.

Remove wrap and measure again. Compare to your measurements pre-wrap. Do a happy dance.


Bask in the ever so glorious delight of your smooth, soft skin and be simply amazed at the number of inches you lost! Call your best girlfriend and tell her all about it.

The only way to improve this wrap is to be sure you are dry brushing…I know my clients are each morning, right? If you need a refresher course in dry brushing, click here.

To purchase these products, click here. You will be directed to the About Face page on doTerra’s ordering website.

If you would like any of the above mentioned products available for you at your next appointment, email: thatwoodardgirl12@gmail.com.


See you soon!




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